Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday Random Bullets

Never enough time so here is the cliff-notes version of the random things going on in the world of Daisy-

Since I left ya last Wednesday-

*  Managed a solid weekend of training.  96.3 miles biked at the CTC-REV3 Training Day.  It was a gorgeous day and managed a pretty solid pace so I was pleased.  I needed 3.7 more miles per the plan but I wanted to get a shower and be ready to listen to the RD speak, so I called it close enough :-)  Also, I got in a nice long brick on Sunday on some wet roads with ET.  Despite our very chatty ride, we managed a respectable pace and those 55 miles on the bike just clicked off silly fast...then it was time for one soggy run!

* Why does it seem so often I get stuck doing my training in the rain and crappy weather this year???  This is resulting in waaaay more bike washings than should be normal!

*  Speaking of rain, I spent the first 8 miles of today's 18 mile run in some very wet, windy conditions.  Surprisingly, I think I felt the best I had for one of my long weekday runs.  I also used my new Avia Bolt IIIs' on today's run and am very happy to report, that the shoes worked well for me so I will be sporting those at REV3 Cedar Point.  They are a half size smaller than all my other running shoes but that seemed to be the right fit for me!  Now I will need to rotate in some of my other older shoes to save those back a bit.

*  Last night Tuesday, I embarked on my longest open water swim year to date for the season.  CTC had our official BIG SWIM which is 1.8 mi from Columbia Beach to Bradstreet Pier.  I felt it was really important to see how this would go as my shoulder blade has seemed weak with longer / harder swims.  I was definitely a little nervous!  I sprayed myself down with TriSlide and then slid on my sweet TYR Hurricane wetsuit.  Maybe it was the wetsuit, maybe I was just relaxed with my 19 other CTC friends on the calm Lake Erie water, but it might have been my best open water swim ever!  I can still hardly believe it!  It was exactly the confidence builder I needed :-)

* And then there was that earthquake yesterday.  At first I thought something was wrong with me and I was terrible dizzy before realizing the entire office was shaking.  As I sat on the 24th floor of One Cleveland Center, I watched as our window shades banged between the cases.  Strange!  My husband thought he was sooo funny when he said to watch out for piranhas (because in Piranha 3D, the tremor set free the pre-historic man-eating fish!)  I survived the swim just fine thank you!

*  I wrap up this training block this weekend and am thankful that it appears I should have some good company for most of it.  Then it is taper time!!!!

*  I am sad that it continues to get dark earlier and light out later and temps already seem cooler.

*  I am stoked for the upcoming REV3.  I am interested to see how I will stack up versus last year...fingers crossed I can improve my time!  After that I will run Akron Marathon relay 2 weeks later (9/24) with my fast SERC girlies relay team.  Then perhaps think about doing the Border War sprint tri (9/25)..maybe!  Then if all is well, I will run Towpath Marathon on 10/9.  Despite my burning desire to just hit the fall road running circuit races, I am going to TRY TRY TRY to give my legs a break instead of using the fall to beat them up like usual.  The upcoming fall has me excited for the return of some trail running and hopefully I can spend sometime mountain biking before the snow falls!

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Matty O said...

We will see you at Akron and Towpath :) Doing the half for both of them.

Great job getting the miles in over the weekend. I agree, getting sick of washing two bikes every rain this year. We have been tossing the bikes on the trainer a bunch lately to avoid the wasted time cleaning the bikes haha.

Glad the shoulder is feeling great for you!!!

Keep up the good work, SO CLOSE!