Thursday, August 04, 2011

Commence Operation Wing It

So post crash on 6/14 just over 7 weeks ago, the state of the state is as such.

Running and road biking causes me zero issues.  I did feel a bit of discomfort back in the shoulder while mtn biking over the weekend.  When I say discomfort, it usually means a dull ache that feels like a pinch back there in the meat of my shoulder muscles right on the shoulder blade toward the bottom where it was clearly separated in my xray.

I have still not done pushups or any weight training since and have tried to not overdue the swimming (which has not been hard bc I tend to like to neglect swimming anyways!).

Yet, being I am doing an oly race Sunday, swimming gets a bit more important if you want to be competitive.  So I decided this latter part of the week, I would focus a bit more on my swimming to make sure I was comfortable.

So this morning I arrived to Lifetime to hit the pool for a good swim and was feeling highly motivated to really focus on what I was doing (as often my form just goes down the toilet easy!)

WU:  200 Swim, 2x200 (50SW,100Kick, 50SW)
300,200,100 Moderate with 20 RI
200,100,50 Easy with 25 RI
200, 100 Fast (or as fast as Daisy can swim which is not fast!) with 30 RI
then I did 50 easy out of plan bc I like round numbers
6x100 pull with 25 sec RI
100 swim, 100 kick, 100 swim, 100 kick
c/d:  100 easy pull
Total 3000 Meters

All in all, I would have to say it went pretty well.  It was my longest swim post crash as usually I put in exactly 2000 and call it a day (or rather have to rush to work).

I felt really good and thought I was doing a nice job with trying to glide a bit more and rotate.  When I did the 6x100 pulls, I was definitely working hard...maybe too hard.  I started to feel that familiar pinch back in my shoulder on the 3rd and 4th repeat and did the rest of the workout pretty easy.

It still feels a bit pinched albeit not too bad.  Hard to know if I am just thinking more about it now than usual or if it is actually bothering me more!  I don't know.  Yet now I am rethinking swimming any more until Sunday.  It is not that swimming a lot the week before a race makes me any faster, I just often find that it gives me confidence and makes me a bit more comfy.

So not sure what to think!  I guess I will just wing it Sunday.

As luck would have it, 4 or 5 weeks ago when I was at the Dr. last, I had set up a follow-up appointment with ortho doc for Monday.  It will be interesting to actually see what the scapula looks like then!

Cross your fingers for me please!!!!!


tribirdie said...

Good luck with weekend! I hope everything goes swimmingly :D

Matty O said...

Fingers are still crossed!!!

I find that a lot of the time with injuries, I mentally feel the pain instead of physically feel it. It's weird, but I think about the injury TOO much all the time.

Sounds like you are doing awesome though and I am SO HAPPY you are back at it so fast!!!