Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tuesday Bullets

    *  Super busy in Daisyland and just hoping everything falls into place.  Fingers crossed!
    *  So the intent was to blog about getting to spectate at Fairport tri.  It was lots of fun and it seems so rare that I get to spectate!  I snapped lots of fun pics of my friends and had a great time.  Then I still had to do my own workout and things were heating up.  I was super thankful for my friends that morning as I had conned ET into riding the bike portion of the workout with me and then ESpeed ran with me in the hot humid sunny weather.  The run was rough as I had a pace goal and had it not been for E, I am certain I would not have been close or would have bailed early!
Swim and kayak start!
CTC peeps, Roger and Mike out representing!

ESpeed and I out watching!
* The thing about IM training is it seems so hard to ever feel fresh.  Tuesday morning I had did a speed workout and then in the evening I pretty much turned myself inside out trying to keep up with the fastest guys out at the Tuesday night 32 mile hilly ride.  Then Wednesday I was up at the crack of dawn to put in a 15 mile run before work.  This sort of thing seems par for the course!  So far that is the plan this week again...no slacking allowed ;-)

*As most my weekends seem centered around whatever I like to do, this past weekend the husband and I decided to take a break from it all and head out to go camping with some friends down at Lake Hope State Park down near Hocking Hills, OH.  It was a super fabulous weekend-good food, good friends, swimming, kayaking, hiking, mtn biking and more!  
First mtn biking since fractured scap!

At the campsite next door were these two...I wanted to pet them!

Fun times crawling around on the rocks!

We were a little nervous about bats, but anything for a fun photo!

*  It was a really nice change of pace but the problem was I was struggling with how I was going to fit in my workouts without a big chunk of weekend to do it in.  So I took off Friday to get in a long bike and then just had to run after mtn biking on Saturday.  Not perfect to the plan but sometimes you need to give and take!  

*  This week will be a return to racing season.  Yes of course I am excited and NERVOUS!  My swimming is subpar and racing an oly will not suit my strengths as proportionately the swim is long relative the other legs but no matter as I am just going to go out and put my best foot forward!  I fully support the GCT race out in Mentor this weekend and especially MR and feel bad I am missing that (good luck to all friends racing there) but I'm heading up CTC efforts at the downtown Cleveland race this weekend and will be racing that...so stop by and say hi if you are at expo, race or finishline!!  



Matty O said...

Bummer :( We will be at GCT this weekend :)

I LOVE Hocking Hills. We were there for the warrior dash, absolutely lovely campgrounds and INSANE hills. I bet you guys had a blast down there.

Due to your injuries all year, don't push too hard racing (like I should talk). Make sure you keep your big goals in mind and not blow up on the small races.

Well I guess this means that I won't be getting "chicked" on the bike this weekend ;) haha.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Good luck this weekend!

I get to spectate too! We are cheering for my friends 7yr old in a kids tri on Saturday and then again for the adults at a Sunday race. I have tent and beer all ready!