Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The start of the weekend....

It has been another whirlwind few days!

Friday evening I headed over to my sister's for a pool party and fortunately, I left to head home at a very reasonable hour.

Saturday morning came early and I hopped in my car and headed over to Edgewater to start my bike at 6:30 AM.  The plan was to ride over to Sweetwater Marina in Rocky Rocky River and do an out and back with the Vanuccis & Trisaratops and return to my car by 8:40.  I cruised back in 38 miles later which included a bathroom stop and some chatting at the turnaround.  It was a perfect morning for riding and was even better because of such fabulous company!

Then I packed up my biking stuff and changed into my running clothes to lend a hand with some friends (Espeed and GP's man) who were short a female runner for their 10K Corporate Challenge Relay team.  Always nice to help out a friend but with the oly tri on Sunday, I decided I was going to run a pretty conservative 1 mile leg.  So without much time to spare we all got lined up and I was going to be the second person on the relay leg.  I thought going in, the team was just picking up participation points.  Yet, as our first relay runner came into sight, he had opened up a big lead on the field and I was going to be heading out in first place.

I had my garmin on and I was thinking I would run something like a 7 min mile which would not feel too hard but was not super slow.  Yet, with the hand smack I was off and decided to just cruise and ease off if the effort started to feel too hard.  I did not want to overload my legs with running too fast and risk making them tired for Sunday.  Thankfully, my legs were nice and loose after my bike and before I knew it, I was cruising back into the relay exchange area, still in first.  I smacked hands, hit my garmin stop and walked off the course feeling pretty fresh.  I was shocked to see the average pace at 5:44....ooops!  Oh well, I was not overly concerned as I did not feel labored and my legs felt fresh.  So then it was off to rush to the Cleveland Triathlon expo.

I knew getting a shower before it was going to be tight time-wise and there ended up being no time for that as I needed to be set up by 10 am.  I did manage to do my third outfit change for the day so at least I was not in sweaty clothes!  Then I sat at the expo pitching the Cleveland Triathlon Club.  CTC has not had a presence there at the downtown race for awhile now, but it actually seemed to be a really good idea as we signed up several new people and I answered a lot of questions.  Always fun to talk the sport!  The expo was pretty small but I must say they had a really nice free pasta lunch setup.  This was not the normal, toss some already cooked noodles in the water with some generic marina sauce but a really good spread...nice bc this girl was hungry!

I headed out just after 2pm to head home.  I had quite a few things to take care of, ate again and then spent the evening chilling on the course watching movies with my Recovery Pump pants on.

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Matty O said...

Those runs are the best, effortless and fast.

Love it.

Your schedules sound like ours. Not sure how we get everything done.