Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Random Taper Time Updates-Black Cloud Day

The weekend-

Came up a little short.  I think I went into the weekend with tired legs.  Pushed a good pace on the bike Saturday with a fun group for a 55 mile ride on Saturday morning and then it was over to the track.  However by now it was warm.  I should have peed first and I did not take my inhaler to the track.  I started into my mile repeats.  6:50, 6:53, 7:00.  By the 4th one I was breathing heavy, struggling to get in the air with my asthma squeezing my lungs.  Thanks to having BH running along with me, I forced myself through 3 more which were (on or right around pace) to stop after 6.    After some water and putting on my headphones, I started #7 (of the 9 I was supposed to do).  Headphones quit on me and then I quit on the workout.  I kept thinking I should be able to run a half mary at around 7 min miles, why can I not do these repeats?  I think it was in part due to my asthma, part just being tired and knowing that I had another toughie Sunday but I should have sucked it up and finished.

Sunday morning, ST and I hit the road early.  I just felt flat all day.  I was tired.  My legs were tired.  We pushed on for a little over 4 hours and 76 miles and when he pulled back into the park and I was to go on another 24 miles, again I hit the eject button.

I guess at the end of the day, I really wanted to nail the workouts.  Yet, I am now at the 2 week time where I just decided it was better to err on the side of caution if I was not feeling it.

Black cloud day- 
Gave myself a nice easy day swimming Monday.  Then yesterday, I had planned to head out for the Tuesday night Tavern Ride.  Temps were nice and I hit the door at work right at 5PM.  Got stuck in traffic.  Then as I chatted on the phone, traffic came to a screeching halt and the mustang one car in front of me, slammed an SUV.  Airbag deployed, horn on.  Guy in front of me slams breaks as do I, hoping the guy behind me stops.  Thankfully he did and then I felt the adrenaline dump in my leg muscles!  Tick tock, tick tock...I am getting more frazzled by the minute.  As I near the parking lot finally, I am forced to come to a stop so I did not run over the black cat that crossed the road in front of me.  How appropriate!!!  6PM sharp I park.  At 6:03, I was ready to go.  Thankfully they waited!  :-)  Again, I HATE HATE HATE not being timely!

The kiss of death- Monday I called Sherman at Bike Authority to check about getting a once over on my bike.  I said, "Nothing is wrong with my bike....I just wanted a quick check before big race."  I scheduled myself in for bike service on Wednesday.  Little did I know, I actually would have an issue with the bike!

Back to black cloud day-   So the group takes off at a pretty healthy pace up the hill.  As we hit the uphill grade on Hemlock we are clipping along at a solid pace.  As we near the stop sign I go to shift and as I do, I feel the snap in my lever.  Cable broke.  Of course this was the time when I was rotated to the front so I quickly rotate through mentioning I broke a cable.  And of course, I am in my biggest gear on the rear.  The route was a hilly one and I was not about to go ride the entire thing in my biggest gear so as we hit 306, I let the group know I was out and turned around to ride the ~4 mi back.  I was FRUSTRATED!  Yet, I was thankful that this happened now instead of on 9/11.  I tried calling my husband on the side of the road (I think he now cringes when he gets a call from my number when I am supposed to be riding).  I manage to get out my cable broke before my phone just resets!!!  Grrrr....!  Poor hubby now slightly concerned as it took until I got back to my car to reset.  Toss the bike in the car and head to grocery store.  For some reason, my luck continues and I have now became totally electrified and every shelf or can I touch delivers a jolting shock which results in one dropped can, some swearing and a beer in my hand as quick as I could get home!!!

Thankfully today is a new day!


Velma said...

GOod luck getting ready for Cedar Point!!!

Trisaratops said...

That is one hell of a day!

I think you earned that beer. :)

Good idea erring on the side of caution. With 2 weeks out, you're right...the work has been done, so let your body absorb it so you can kick some serious ass on race day!!

Matty O said...

WOAH! Stay away from me ;) haha.

I have been told by countless people, its better to go into an ironman UNDERtrained than even one bit OVERtrained.

I assume your legs are revolting a bit, push them as much as you can for the speed work, but don't be unreasonable.

Glad your cable broke now as well!

10 days :) :) :) !!!

E-Speed said...

well hopefully you are just getting all this junk out of the way so you can finally have a stress free race day!!!