Friday, August 12, 2011

I heart running!

This week has been a particularly good week for me in that I have been able to get in 3 lunch runs which is very abnormal.  Usually I am chained to the desk but this week afforded me some opportunities to get out and take in some sunshine with some running buds.

Tuesday, I did my short speedwork session on the treadmill at the gym.  For some reason, I never seem to mind speedwork on the treadmill.  I just plug in the dictated pace and I go, as I rock out to my a very loud DJ Scene podcast on my headphones.

The last several weeks, I have been doing my long runs on Wednesday mornings, but this was a step back long run week, so I only had to do 10 miles so I figured I would take a long lunch and swim in the morning.  I ran with the downtown boys and E for a nice round 10.  Pace was a little fast but that is the one drawback to group runs...I run whatever everyone else does.

Thursday, I got out again for a short run.  My girl, ET, is coming back from injury and has only ran 3 mi a couple times.  She said she would be up for running 5 miles.  I was flexible, although I was thinking something nice, easy and short because my computrainer workout that morning pretty much killed me.  The next thing I know, ET is running along, chatting away and I am trying to slow her down a bit because I just did not feel like running the 7:30 pace we started into.  We slowed to an 8:05 avg.  Hopefully her comeback goes well as I will be pretty happy to have her back to run with.

Now Friday, I probably should not have ran.  But I had just got new AVIA Bolt III's that I wanted to break in!

And the window opened in my workday, so out I went again to meet the boys for a nice 9.3 mile ghetto jog.  Yes, ghetto for reelz.  I think the one guy was getting more and more nervous about the surroundings and the talk of the group as he seemed to pick up the pace more and more.  I returned to the office a nice salty damp mess, but very thankful have had the opportunity to go sweat out some stress and take in some more sunshine!!!

TGIF....this weekend looks like a very quiet one social schedule-wise which is good because I got a lot of miles to get in.  This week and the next two really have some butt kicking workouts!

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