Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Random Observations

-This morning as I drove down E13th Street in downtown Cleveland chatting on my phone, my conversation was stopped dead in its tracks as I noticed an incredibly large woman sitting in one of those gigantic (must've-been about 3-4 ft around) concrete flower planters.  I was in disbelief.  The poor smashed flowers were coming out the rear of her and she LITERALLY took up the entire thing.  "She is not really sitting on there on the flowers and dirt in her moo moo, is she?"  The only question is, why did I not end my call immediately and get a picture?  WOW, unbelieveable! I thought it was supposed to be a fat lady bent over in the garden, not one sitting on the flowers.

-I headed out for a lunch run with the boys today.  As I walked by the office and waited for my garmin to load, a slightly chubby chick looked at me and then I overheard her comment to her friend, "I wish I worked out."  I don't get it.  She looked plenty capable and all I could think is, "what is stopping you?"  It strikes me that some people think that those of us who make time for workouts have more time and flexibility when most often we do not.  We make time.  We make sacrifices.  It is not easy for us but we find a way to make it work.  Trust me, I love to sleep in but rarely afford myself that luxury.

- For those of you not in Cleveland, the Avengers movie is being filmed here.  It made the lunch time jaunt a little more interesting as tons of people crowded east 9th street as we ran by trying to get a look at the action.  My boss did mention that as he dropped off one of our out of town guests at a hotel downtown last week that  the Director, Robert Downey Jr and Scarlett Johansson were all standing around real chill out front the hotel entrance signing autographs.  Pretty cool of them.  But I cannot wait for the filming to end as it just makes my commute longer trying to get in and out of the city!!!

-  I took yesterday as a rest day but my legs still feel tired today.  No rest for the weary.  Riding later and long run in the morning!

-  I have been forever hungry lately!


Kim said...

"She is not really sitting on there on the flowers and dirt in her moo moo, is she?"

janet - i cant stop laughing. moo moo. that shit is funny.

Matty O said...

Don't get me started on the fat people comments. At the bar last night, a family of 5 were there, the kids each were so fat they could not fit in the booth... they were ranging probably from 6-12yrs old. I was blown away that this is not child abuse! haha.

I think tired legs are a sign that the end is near? :)

I have added a full meal to my daily eating lately... not sure if this is good or bad!

Keep making time for your workouts! Hope the shoulder has healed up nicely!!!

Heather-O said...

Matt and I get so frustrated when our non-triathlete/running friends tell us they are "too busy" to do whatever it is they are complaining about doing. Really? Matt and I wake up at the ass crack of dawn, get a workout in, put our 8+ hours of work in, go home to do another 2 hour workout, make dinner, and somehow we still manage to make time for other things. I guess its all about what is really a priority to people. Excuses come much easier than actually putting in the time and effort to do whatever it is they are making the excuse for in the first place. So frustrating!

BTW - would have loved to have seen a pic of the lady in the flower pot! Good luck getting that image out of your head ;)

solarsquirrel said...

That was me in the flower pot. I waved, but you must not have seen me. ;)

Seriously, though, being pregnant has given me a whole new outlook on things. Imagine every workout you do being harder and more uncomfortable than the last! Guess what? YOU FORCE YOURSELF TO DO IT because you know that in the long run it is GOOD for you and you will feel AWESOME when you are done. I completely agree with you - it's not easy! If it was we would all do it! It's a rare individual with the type of commitment and drive that you have. KEEP BEING AWESOME, JANET!!!