Friday, August 26, 2011

Final Big Weekend!!!

So yesterday I was driving the long commute home and was stuck in traffic (as usual).  I let some car in that was merging on to the highway.  First thing I notice is that is has a "save the ta-tas" sticker.  Second thing I notice is that it seems ironic to me that they have a Breast Cancer awareness sticker and the driver is smoking...also known to cause cancer.  Hmmmm....make sense?

Today I rolled my motorcycle to work.  It was the first time since I crashed my bicycle.  It had been waaay too long.  Made my long morning commute much more enjoyable even though it is all freeway.

Managed to sneak out at lunch for a run with the boys.  As we were running one of our normal total ghetto routes (no clue why these are the routes we run) we came upon a road which was pretty well blocked up with about 6 or 7 cop cars.  Wonder if we will hear about another big crime along our running route.  Seems we are on record-setting pace this year so far!  I SOOO would not run these roads alone!

Tonight I am hitting a talk with ESpeed and NC about running up in Mentor!  Should be a fun time with plenty of socializing.

Tomorrow am, I got a 55 mile bike with 9x1 mile intervals with 1 minute recoveries.  Guessing that will be a real butt kicker but I am stoked as it looks like I will have good company for the ride.  I know many get overwhelmed with the daunting training that is ironman.  I feel like I have really enjoyed the training due in no small part to having so many wonderful training partners locally.

Then Sunday, will be a final 100 mile bike with the boys!

As I sit here and tap on my wooden desk, I am quite excited that it looks like I will actually get to enjoy an entire weekend of riding in some sunshine  :-)  I heart Fridays!


E-Speed said...

you know it is bad when i am jealous of missing out on a ghetto run :) hope the boys didn't take out their frustrations on you in my absence! you are going to rock and roll that ironman!

Kiersten said...

I am totally in awe of your dedication. I can't seem to find a way to balance it all.