Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Two week rundown!

Oh I cannot wait this long to recap as I did not write everything down and now I am scratching my head!

So what I can remember for sure...I am definitely missing stuff but don't want to count what I am not certain of.

M 3/17 Lifted with E, Running Drills
T 3/18 Track workout, warmed up with E and Salty 12-400's on icy track 8.5 Miles
W 3/19 Went to JCC and worked out -???3
R 3/20 Ran 6 on treadmill
F 3/21 ?
S 3/22 Snowed in
S 3/23 Ran 17 miles with SERC
M 3/24 off
T 3/25 ?
W 3/26 1 hour trainer
R 3/27 5 Miles treadmill with BH, UBWO
F 3/28 20 min treadmill, 2.5 miles
S 3/29 Off---best laid plans tossed for motorcycle riding
S 3/30 19 Miles with VR on Boston Simulation course
M 3/31 Off- Home Opener ---WOOHOO Tribe!
T 4/1 6.5 Miles Treadmill, 800 and 400 repeats

Week One
Ran 31.5 Miles and ??

Week Two
Ran 27 Miles plus ??

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JenC said...

Sweet ride! Enjoy!