Monday, March 17, 2008

2 Week Rundown

Well folks I am back from vacation. While the weather could have been better and our timing (as we left my husband's dad to do all the plowing ---woops!) we made the best of things.

I have been limping back into running again.

Following my week and a half off, I started into running the tail end of the week before we left and capped it off with Ytown half on 3/2.

Mon 3/3 - 8 Mile Recovery Run with ESpeed to Edgewater with 8*100M strides-9:17 pace. Is is bad when you have two stop in two random places to go to the bathroom on a short run?
Tues 3/4 - Packed, Lost Electric, No training
Wed 3/5 - Left for vacation and returned with broken wipers, left again and rode in car forever, ate fast food twice--ewww!
Thurs 3/6 -Went out for run but cut it short due to prior days fast food- 3 Miles, rode through trails with hubby on dirt bike & 4 wheeler
Friday 3/7 -shopped, went up to Chattanooga
Sat 3/8 -13 Mile run in AL, it snowed for the second time of the year there. It was in the 20's, snowing and windy. I WAS MISERABLE b/c I was underdressed and frozen to the bone in Alabama on vacation!!!!
Sun 3/9-Played outside
Mon 3/10 - Rode to Fort Walton Beach, drank at patio bars, ate steamed seafood basket-yum!
Tues 3/11 - Hit Gulferium, shopped
Wed 3/12- Drove 1001 miles, butt hurt

Home at last! Time to quit with all the southern foods and get my butt back to work!
Thurs 3/13- 6 Mile Run, 6X100 Meter Strides~50:30, lifted bi, tri, shoulders
Friday 3/14 - 5 Mile easy run ~45 Min
Sat 3/15- Saint Malachi Run 5 Miler, ran 6.5 incl 1.5 mile warm-up with Aimee. Time -37:46~7:33 pace.

Short story version. It is hard not to be disappointed after running 33:32 (6:43/M)last year. Yet, just coming back after several lackluster weeks, I need to build my aerobic capacity back up. Last year at this time I was injury free and building strong.

HOWEVER, what makes me feel better about this??? Beer with my pals of course!

I hit the race afterparty in the morning and then had a pretty big bash that night!

Somehow my liver survived after drinking until 2:30 AM and I got up at 7:25 AM to

Sun 3/16- Run 18 Miles at 8:50 pace with SERC peeps. Surpisingly, I felt pretty good and really enjoyed hot salt bath afterwards!


Weekly Run Down Totals for week of 3/3-
Run-24 Miles

Weekly Run Down Totals for week of 3/10-
Run-35.5 Miles

So my training has been sporadic at best. I was trying to do Pfitzinger's Advancing Marathoning Plan. Yet, since my mileage is not where it needs to be and I don't want to subject my recovering piriformis and hip flexor to high mileage, I am switching back to Furman's First to the Finish Program. It worked pretty good for me last year, I think it makes sense for me right now. I will focus on the Cleveland marathon. Boston is only a training run and will not kill myself with any time goal.


Lana said...

I heart Fort Walton Beach!

Great job on the 5 miler...don't be've had a lot to deal with lately! You'll be back to top form running the 6 something miles in no time!

I was running a 10 Saturday and at one point I looked down at my Garmin and saw 6:47...and I thought of you!!LOL Ofcourse, it was only like that split second pace that probably had more to do with gps satellite position than my actual pace, but it gave me a little boost nonetheless!

E-Speed said...

Glad you are getting back into things. Hopefully you will be back on track ASAP!

triguyjt said...

nice to meet you on saturday.
thanks for not snickering when I told you my time...

hope your back on track soon

Brian said...

who's giving the bunnie ears in the background. screw the running, you've found your niche in the drinking and then running. you should do that one club whose motto is "I run cause I have a drinking problem" or something like that. Hare and harrier?

duchossois said...

Elizabeth posted links to members' blogs on the SERC site, so I stopped by to say 'Hi'. Great blog, well done. Good long run on Sunday. I tried to do 20 miles on Sunday, but I was hurting after Saturday (left calf) and did only 13 miles.

TrainingtoTri said...

Welcome back. Plan on any spin classes this week? I think I am going to spin tomorrow morning and swim Friday morning.

Dana said...

Glad to hear you had a good vacation(despite the rough start). I am TOO impressed that you did an 18miler w/ a 8:50pace after drinking the night before! I know that you'll be building back up to your stronger running form in no time.

GP said...

Congrats on the great run — whether you like it or not ;-) It was really great weather for a race. So, I hope you felt like NEOhio was welcoming you home!

Lloyd said...

Good idea with Boston - tough course to race first time around, so it's best to take it easy. Good luck with training; plenty of time to build up them miles. You will be there. Nice running Sunday. Your club is FAST!

B Bop said...

3 things that I don't pair in my vocabulary:

1) 8 miles and short/recovery run
2) lots of drinking and early morning long run
3) marathon and training race

Smart to rest the hip. You'll more than likely come back stronger than ever.

qcmier said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Brett S. said...

Nice jackets the two of you have on in that picture. Makes me want one all over again.

Brian said...

I've found running to be a great pick-me-up after a late night... but 18 miles? Holy cow! Well done.