Monday, April 28, 2008

Mad Monday Update 4/28

M 4/14 Track Workout-6 400's -5.5 Miles
T 4/15 Worked out with Sean from HPL (squats, lunges, etc)
W 4/16 4 mile-ish run with E to find Amtrak station
R 4/17 Stretching session with Sean from HPL (really was tight from Tuesday's session and it felt great!)
F 4/18 Rest-train ride
S 4/19- 5 miles, 5X100 strides
S 4/20- Approximately 3 Miles easy

18.5 Miles Ran
1 weight training session
Good streching

M 4/21 Boston Mary
T 4/22 Rest - Train
W 4/23 5 Miles Ran, felt great and actually held back...only complaint, sore toenails
R 4/24 off---outside work!
F 4/25 1.5 Miles Treadmill, Upper Body Weight Training
S 4/26 Walked around Hocking Hills State Park with hubby~ 3 Miles
S 4/27 Off ---Rode motorcycles home from Hocking Hills

32.7 Miles Ran
1 Weight training session

One week later and feeling totally back to normal and totally inspired to get back to training!!!!!!!!


duchossois said...

Nice week, and glad your feeling good. I just read E-speed's blog, and she's worried you're going to crush her at the duathlon on Sunday. Sounds like she should be worried. ;-)

solarsquirrel said...

"Good to be back!" (Scooter song).
Yea - you're gonna crush me and Elizabeth. It's all good!