Monday, April 07, 2008

Mad Monday Update 4/7/08

Alright short and sweet...if I try to get creative I won't take the time so without further adieu...

Monday 3/31 - off at Tribe Opener
Tues 4/1 - 6.5 Miles Treadmill, 800 and 400 repeats
Wed 4/2- 22 Miles Outside Bicycling!!!!! 1st time of the year!
Thurs 4/3 - off
Friday 4/4 - 7 Miles with Espeed on treadmill-59:30
Saturday 4/5 - 15.7 Miles Run with Nathan! Conquered a big climb early and a bunch of rollers! Managed to consistently drop pace the last several miles on Headwaters Trail and finished strong ~overall 8:45 pace
Sunday 4/6 - 40 Miles Bicycle with Cleveland Touring Club then followed up with incredibly long motorcycke ride (my poor lil bruised butt is mad at me!!!)

All and all, slowly getting back to feeling better....maybe it has something to do with the weather!

Ran -29.2 Miles
Biked - 62
Swam--Zilch...yeah, I know!

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Brian said...

See what happens when you stop running with me. You get faster and your butt hurts. ha