Friday, February 29, 2008


OK so I have two of these that I need to do-

First up, the tag by Mr. Skin about 7 Weird/Random Things-

1. My whole entire dad's side of the family lived on one stretch of road around the family farm. Consquently I have shoveled a lot of crap and put my hand on more rats gathering eggs than I ever care to think about! Most all my cousins were boys so we played a lot of kick ball and sis and I grew up as Tom boys.

2. I hate poison ivy. I used to always get into it growing up. I remember having it so bad in high scholl between my fingers that I would tape up my hand to try to play volleyball. I had it even worse another time, but I am not going there! My husband doesn't get it. He can weed the stuff and have no trouble. Yet I have got poison ivy from the oil on him.

3. My parents are thrifty and rarely throw things away. I think I am way better but sometimes I still have a hard time pitching stuff. This is especially the case with my clothes which leads to issues having enough closet space.

4. My sister was a class behind me in high school. We fought some over the years mainly about sharing clothes and bathroom space, but she has always been my best friend. We played all the same sports and did all the same stuff.

5. I was the salutatorian of my class but I almost failed out of college. Apparently Miami University's pre-med weed out program and me did not agree. So I followed my dad's footsteps and switched in businesss. Grades were much easier after that and I ended up doing a double major in Finance and Marketing and I use them both!

6. I love garlic. Before sports in high school we would always go for food after school, before the games. Sometimes garlic wings were my food of choice. Sweaty Janet was told by the coach to lay off the garlic before the games as I guess I smelled strong enough to keep vampires at bay!

7. I have a terrible habit of chewing my pens and pencils. I have had ink leak all over me way too many times for this reason. I just cannot seem to break myself of this habit. I chew a lot of gum to try to keep this in check. Just don't ask to borrow my writing utensil.

One down, Kim's to go another day.


Mallie said...

I can just imagine your pencils covered in teeth marks. Always enjoy learning mroe about my favorite bloggers.

Brian said...

I can't imagine the rats with the eggs. Quite a change my area growing up of figuring out who will call whom for reservations for dinner.

E-Speed said...

you and your sister are too cute!

Thanks for running with me! I can't imagine how long that run would have seemed on my own!

Christine said...

I chew my pens too. It's not even a nervous habit..its a way of life. I just blame it on the dog when someone askes to borrow my pen..haha

Steve Stenzel said...

HA! Great little tid-bits! I grew up running around in a grove in the country, and I'm surprised that I NEVER had a bad run-in with poison ivy (I just got covered in prickers)

Sensationally Red said...

We have a lot in common! I used to chew pens and I've had poison ivy on my ass more times than I care to admit. This was great. I feel like I know you better!

triguyjt said...

my bride gives me grief if i have too much garlic, but come is soooo good when you give it the garlic kick.

of course, my daughter, the chef is a big proponent of garlic..

go figure.

GP said...

My parents are immigrants, so I blame them for my inability to throw anything away (they came here with nothing, so they collect everything). It's a sad, sad state of affairs when you have more stuff in storage than in your house.

But you have to admit that sometimes you hold onto clothes you didn't think you would ever wear again and BAM! ten years later they're you're favorite again. Or is that just me?

B Bop said...

Garlic is my secret weapon to keep those drafters off my rear wheel AND to keep anyone from trying to chase me down on the run!! And it is a great addition to nearly any dish!

I don't care if it looks like Virginia Creeper....leaves of three, leave it be!!!