Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mad Monday Update 2/18

Last week I started off feeling OK, but my hip flexor and piliformis were aggravating me so mileage started trailing off. I think in general I am just sick of being cold, sick of bad roads and long commutes, sick of treadmills, and sick of winter in general.

The good news is there is light at the end of the tunnel. I am leaving the 5 or 6th of March for a vacation to head south! Did you sense that I may be ready for a vacation??? It seems so long overdue...after all I have not went away since last Memorial Day.

So the week went as such-

M 2/11
AM - Snowy commute made me late, only had time for 3 mile run-24:30
Lunch-4 Miles Ran with strides at 10mph for .15 mile, recover at 6mph for .25
T 2/12
AM - 4 mile recovery run
Lunch-Yoga (overstretched lower back-ouch)
Had a fun filled 2.5 hour commute home in snow
W 2/13
Body Scultping, Meant to hit Excel but skipped
R 2/14
AM 5 Miles Ran ~42 min (sore legs)
Shopped for Vday at lunch!
Missed ART doc appt due to 1 hr 45 min commute
F 2/15 REST
S 2/16 Chili Bowl-4 Miles Ran
S 2/17 7 Miles ran with E and SERC (hip flexor angry)

Weekly Total
Ran -27 Miles
Core - 2 hours

Even with taking it easy last week, I think this week will be even easier to try to heal. I am not going to run or bike for next week or so to get hip flexor squared around.

On a funner note, here is a pic of Auntie Janet with her girls!


GP said...

It hasn't even been a long winter (it is only February), but I've been feeling the strain as well. Getting away should do wonders for you — mentally and physically. Have a good time and keep up your winter-proof spirits!

Brian said...

Is that cotton those kids are wearing? Shame shame. what good running aunt doesn't buy something breathable for the kids. :)

Cute kids.

TrainingtoTri said...

Take it easy, hope you heal up soon! I can't believe how long your commute is, I'd go nutso.

Those kids are just tooo dang cute!

Dana said...

I think we all could use a vacay from this crazy weather. Cute pic!

tracie said...

cutest pic ever! :)

i hope you start to feel better soon!

triguyjt said...

winter proof spirit!! thats a cool way of putting it. props to gina for that comment

got 4 days in fla next week and a week in cancun in late march..just enough of a taste to keep the spirits up..

heal up