Monday, February 25, 2008

Mad Monday Update 2/25

Well folks hopefully this will go down as my lowest volume week ever! Thanks so much to all of you for the concern!

The hip flexor and piriformis seem to be making progress. They are not pain-free but progress has been made. This week I am taking off was not because I could not run or bike, it was so I could try to nip the injury in the bud and still get in some good training for the spring...hopefully, fingers crossed! I am thinking I will try some easy runs the latter half of the week. If all feels fine, I will go ahead and run Youngstown half marathon based on how I feel, being careful not to push things too much.

So last week went like this-
M 2/18 10 Miles Biked, Weight Training
T 2/19 5 Miles Ran, Weight Training, Abs
W 2/20 Body Sculpting Class
R 2/21 Rest
F 2/22 1000 yard swim *
S 2/23 Rest
S 2/24 Rest

* I had planned to go longer but got a major headache about 800 yards in and I was lucky to get to 1000 as I thought it might explode. Pain Reliever did not help the splitting headache, but alas a mojito did!

For the body other than the above, I just did lots of stretching, a doctor visit and tried to use my foam roller and a tennis ball a fair amount.

The good thing about taking a break is time for lots of other stuff.

Some of the other things included-

- Dinner (Bahama Breeze) and a movie night out(Jumper-liked it!)
- Lots of remodeling (helping supervise the old man, but I am good at holding stuff and finding things he sets down!)
- Circles to Lowe's and Home Depot, closest being about 25 minutes away (gotta love the boonies)
- Day of Shopping with Sis and Mom for-
- Dad's (60th) & Uncle's (70th) Surprise Birthday party
- Decided to join back up at JCC to have a place to swim before or after work (Got a sweet deal that was beyond a no brainer!!!)
- Washed a very VERY stinky dog
- Watched the Knight Rider premiere...looks pretty promising! The Hoff still rules!
- Finally hung up the shelves my cat, Zippo, took out awhile back
- Slept in and laid in bed watching 24 hours of Jackass (just can't help but laugh and cringe!)

So I have been having some fun!

I am dying to run, especially today since it is nice and knowing that another winter storm is brewing. I went to the gym today and was listening to the Warp Brothers club Blade mix doing situps crazy fast thinking this music is so much more suited to me trying to run fast! BTW, Blade rules! A couple more days...


The Salty One said...

I missed you out there today. It was beautiful out! Hopefully you'll be back to my old running buddy's self soon. It's lonely out there all by myself :)

E-Speed said...

girl just take it easy. I know it is rough, but you will be a much happier runner once the pain is gone!

Wish I could have crashed the gym with ya today. work blows!

triguyjt said...

good to know you are on the mend... and your are right...
as crazy and insane are the stunts, i never fail to laugh outloud at jackass...

jackass and jon stewart do trick.
you know.. "spit out your coffee" laughs

Brian said...

Don't push it. If you can't do the 1/2, don't do it. You'll make up your beast points somewhere else.

Isn't wesley snipes the dude that hasn't paid taxes in years and even told the govt. he wants his money back that he did pay? Wack job. If you like the vampire movies, I just saw 30 days of night. Pretty good for a vampire movie.

tracie said...

rest up! you'll be good as new and faster than ever! :)

B Bop said...

Hope you heal up soon!!

Mojito's and the like are a good stress management tool when the running shoes are staying in the closet.

Dana said...

Glad to hear you're doing better. Nothing like a little alcohol to take the pain away!

solarsquirrel said...

Congrats on taking it easy. I know it's difficult, but you can do it!