Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Mad Monday Update 2/4/08

Okay a day late and several dollars short again...but time for the Mad Monday update!!

Well January is over. Thank goodness as there was blood all over the streets in the stock market. Hopefully we are through the worst of the market returns and the worst of the cold!

With the passing of Groundhog day, I guess Phil says "Six more weeks of winter!" I say "booohoo" to that as I am ready for some warm temps and sunshine!!! If only Phil lived in northeast Ohio he would never see his shadow because it is always cloudy here!

To kick things off, this was a recovery week after the 1/26 Winter Buckeye 50K. I took Sunday off as a rest day and hopped back on the horse Monday as fortunately the body was feeling pretty darn good!

Monday 1/28 - AM Swim ~1 mile 8-200's
- Lunchtime 7 miles ran with Salty and Espeed ~ 1 hour
Tuesday 1/29 - AM 14 mile Bike, Core and Stretching with E
- Lunctime 6.5 Miles ran with JP and E
Wednesday 1/30 - Am 1 mile Swim with E
- Lunchtime 3 Miles ran treadmill
Thursday 1/31 - AM 5 Miles Ran
- Lunchtime Hard Bodies Class
Friday 2/1 - Rest
Saturday 2 /2 - 6.5 miles, ran 10K Dirty Dog Trail Run
Sunday 2/3 - 12 Miles with SERC

Weekly Totals

Ran -40 Miles
Biked -14 Miles ---will work on this!
Swam - 2 Miles
Weight Training / Core -2 days


Brett S. said...

To hell with the groundhog. Oh and sorry about the stock market but it's not getting better anytime soon. This morning is a blood bath.

Kim said...

goodness gracious, you are a workout machine!!!!! it's all gonna pay off come april :)

Amie said...

Ok...I think you should put a disclaimer on your training rundowns - so that 'normal' people don't freak out. You are a MACHINE!!!!

triguyjt said...

after yesterdays 300 plus drop, i am almost afraid to look today at the market.

its like that daniel day lewis movie.. "there will be blood"

you are a workout machine

Brian said...

Daisyduc for federal reserve chairman / woman.

TriShannon said...

You never rest... how do you do it? I agree, you are a MACHINE!!