Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pursuit of being a buff chick!

OK, so I don't want to be that an actual chick, nor do I want to be the muscle popping he-man looking broad. I am just in pursuit of being super fit, with a nice lean, toned body and those 6 pack abs (a girl can dream!)!

I have always been what you would call a gym rat. Weekdays I generally hit the gym (at least for my shower!) in the AM and at lunch time. My gym always sort of becomes part of my extended family and I get attached!

When I started my current job, I switched from my beloved Jewish Community Center by my Beachwood office. I was so sad to leave the gorgeous facility, the spin class instructors, the trainers and some of my friends. There was this guy, Stan, who I looked forward to seeing most days. This late 50's bald stocky man with the sweat band on his head and glasses could always make me laugh. He would walk into the fitness center, filled with people and starting bellowing out hello's to people across the room as if he was a huge celebrity that just walked in the door. He knew all the regulars and would always stop by for awhile to chat, even if I could barely breathe. I switched to a new gym close to my new office in downtown Cleveland. After some time and again going twice a day, it started to feel like home. There was this lady Sandy who always worked the morning / early afternoon shift that I would see. She always made it a point to say hi, knew everyone and often was referred to by members as our mom there. There was a certain hard bodies instructor, Heather, that I took a liking to immediately. She was a cute blond chick who looked lean and fit. Then as class started and we lifted our weights, you could see how jacked all her muscles were. Back in the fall there were a few days I was the only person who showed up to class and we headed out on the city. It was truly awesome! We ran around Browns stadium and ran stairs, did suicide drills and squats along the bridge, step up on the picnic tables and just got in great all around workouts.

Then, my boss decided to be more cost effective, we should change gyms. You see I am fortunate that my boss picks up this expense for me and the gym we were going to switch to just made more sense economically. Yet again I would have to leave what had become home.

So at the end of January, I hugged "mom" bye at the old gym and got my hard bodies class gal's email so hopefully we can stay in touch. So starting in February I have started using my new gym on a regular basis. Hopefully soon it will feel like home! If only it had a pool, which is a whole other issue for another time!


tracie said...

i'm sure your new gym will turn into a family too! :)

and you're already buff lady!!! just keep up all the hard work!

Dana said...

I hear ya on the gym being a "2nd home". That's great that your job picks up the expense. Wish mine did that. My gym does have a pool,which I will be using A LOT this summer to give my running legs a break.

GP said...

Switching gyms or any training facility is more difficult than you'll ever get credit for.

It would take me several more months of whining and saying "But the old place did it this way..." So, way to move on!

Plus, it's not that far; you can always go back to visit.

TrainingtoTri said...

Wow your job picks up your gym fees, that is awesome. So sooo awesome. Are you hiring? I actually am looking for a new job :)

No pool, I guess you'll have to just go to some masters swim drop in at a high school. It's generally only $5.

triguyjt said...

we had a tremendous thing going at a local everyman kinda gym in euclid till it closed about 4 years ago..then the gang all just switched to a fitworks in willoughby...great atmosphere, but the euclid gym was the best...
a real mix of all kinds of workout folks and people in general. i miss the old place but fitworks is fine.

Sensationally Red said...

Hmm...the job picking up your gym expense is well worth the bummer of not having a pool. I think you have reached your goal of attaining "buff chick" status. You look great!