Monday, February 11, 2008

Mad Monday Update 2/11/08

Even actually done on a Monday!

After enjoying a "recovery" week the prior week after the 50K, I just did whatever I felt like this week. There were some marathon training plans I could have started for Boston. Yet I figured I would wait to start my plan (one featured in Advanced Marathoning by Pete Pfitzinger) with Espeed, since we do so a fair amount of training together and it would make scheduling easier. That and the fact that I could enjoy a couple weeks just going with the flow!

So here is how things went!

Monday 2/4 Rest, Not planned. I worked from home and day got away!

Tuesday 2/5- AM- 5 miles Ran, PM 1 hour Vinyasa Yoga

Wednesday 2/6 - 2.5 hours at Excel Cycling

Thursday 2/7 - 8 Miles Ran ~8:06 pace

Friday 2/8 - 8 Miles Ran

Saturday 2/9 - 18.6 Miles Ran with VR group (

Sunday 2/10 - Rest- Decided if I woke up in time to meet SERC I would go. By the time I woke up I would have had to leave the house in 5 Minutes. Afterwards I was sort of glad I did not go as driving conditions really deteriorated and it was a bad white-out and freezing cold. Trainer ride planned for later in the day never happened either! Had a lazy day with the hubby!

Weekly Totals
Bike 45 Miles
Run 39.6 Miles
Core-1 hr Yoga
No swim

In other news I had my first meeting with Team ER Saturday at Ritchies Sporting Goods. I cannot seem to contain myself at specialty stores and ended up buying 2 pairs of shorts, 2 tanks, a hat, a heavy long sleeve jacket and an Asics Cold Weather Running Outfit, all at very reasonable prices!

So while I am not happy about this cold, I am can't wait to go out there and try out my new cold weather outfit. I have had a couple mornings where I ran outside this year (yes, those super cold ones below zero with the windchill) and nearly froze my lil touche off, so I figured this might help matters!

Lastly I dragged my hubbby with me to the Cleveland Tri Club winter party Saturday night! Many of my CTC peeps seem to work hard and play hard! It was a blast and the only bummer was leaving!

Here is a party pic with me and two of my runner girls, Beth and Melissa!


Brian said...

What kind of odd chick hug is that? All hands are shown so there is no grabbing of "touches".

TriShannon said...

I love getting new cloths - always makes me want to get out to try them. Hope they look cute and keep you warm! :-)

Christine said...

I think I run to buy new cute clothes!! haha...cute pic! you look like so much fun!

tracie said...

cute pics girlies! :)

keep up all the hard work and slow down a bit on the roads lady! just not on the trail! ;)

TrainingtoTri said...

Great pic!