Sunday, February 10, 2008

Breaking the Law, breaking the law!

So I have used this title before, but this time I actually got caught!

Saturday morning I woke up early to head out to meet the Vertical Runner Training group for some miles. Since my husband had to wake up early too Saturday, I figured I would leave at 5:45 to meet the early 6:30 group for some bonus miles.

I hop on the turnpike to head out to Pennisula. I set the cruise to my 75 and try to wake up as I drink a Rockstar. A car is behind me. Then he goes to pass me. Then he falls back as I motor on in my morning daze. Then I realize why. Two state highway patrol men in the median. Crap! He was already pulling out as I drove by and there is no doubt who is getting pulled over. Why is it when I get pulled over I start to get so nervous like a little child who knows they are in for it? My heart pounds as I reach for my license and registration. Then he scared me as he taps along the passenger window as I expected him on the driver's side. With a shaky hand I pass my stuff out the window.

Statey: "I pulled you over for speeding."

Me: "Was I going that fast?" Come on I know the cruise was set at 75 but I thought anything up to and including 10 over was in the safe zone.

Statey: "I clocked you at 75 in a 65."

Me: I think, "I know, not that fast! Pretty please don't give me a ticket."

Statey: "But if you slow down, I will go ahead and give you a warning."

Me: "I would really appreciate that sir."

Fully awake now, I think "Yippee, thank you, thank you! You made my day! I really did not need another ticket! Now could you hurry it up so I am not late to meet my group!"

Thankfully I got going without too much of a delay (and not even a Meow like my favorite Super Troopers!) and made it to the meeting spot with a couple minutes to spare, even driving a little slower than I would have preferred after that incident!

I quickly hit the bathroom, grabbed my flashlight and headed out with the group up 303, down Riverview and up Major hill. I stopped to tie my shoe and lost the lead group on 303. It was quiet on the way up. Everyone was a little spread out and working their way through the dark up the long climb. As we hit Oak Hill we regrouped and headed back. As we ran down the hill, we started talking about run-ins with the law and there were quite a few good stories told as daylight broke and before we knew it we were back at Lock 29 for a total of 5.2 miles.

As we regrouped I hit the bathroom but my stomach was feeling off, no doubt due to the garbage I had filled it with the night before. To be honest, I think my stomach hurt before I started. Unlike the slower paced trail running, the faster paced road running demands that I pay closer attention to my intake. Mental note!!

With a couple sips of water, I headed out with the group and ran with Katy, who is heading to Boston with E and I. We headed up 303, north on Riverview. Then we headed up a long climb up Stine Road over to Major and down Oak Hill. My stomach was knotting but not a lot I could do about it.

We made a left on Everett and then south on Riverview. I was waiting to hit the farm for the RR. After a quick pitsop we headed back out Bolanz, south on Riverview and at Ira, we picked up the Towpath to head back. You could really tell how bad some of the areas were hit with the flooding, but fortunately this stretch of towpath was open.

I felt like I was working hard to keep up with Katy and started to get really thirsty. We made another pitstop at Hale Farm on the way back to get a quick drink, which was heaven.

We plodded along on the towpath and made our way back to Lock 29 to meet up with some of the original group. Our mapped route was 13.4 miles, which gave me a total on the day of 18.6 miles. I felt good all in all with the exception of my insides. Most who know me, know this is common-place for me. Now it is time to put a focus on figuring out what I need to do to keep my insides happy!

Oh and Mr. Statey, I will try to slow down a bit on the roads but don't think I plan to slow down on the roads while I am on foot!!!


TrainingtoTri said...

Oh lucky you for getting off. I had a similar experience not that long ago and I didn't have my driver's license with me! I had put it in G's wallet b/c we had gone to a football game the night before. But the cop let me off! Oh happy day.

Hey with th VT running group are there people there who run like a 9:30-10 min pace? How many people usually show up?

triguyjt said...

every time I have been pulled over (and thank god its very rare) i get the ticket.

don't get the freebie. rats

Amie said...

Water! We made a pact, sister! Always, always make sure you have water with you at all times. :) As for the stomach issues - if you find the solution - PLEASE tell me - my future trail 50k's are at stake!!

Brett S. said...

Congrats on avoiding the ticket. Oh and you girls were cruzing pretty good. It's these days that I realize just how slow I am in comparison. I ended up running with Brain for a while and we actauly talked about just how crazy fast you, E and the girls are. Anyway your comments when you got back ended up being the little motivation I needed to get back out and finish my last 5 miles. Thanks.

Brian said...

Ahh, a great movie. Say car Ram-Rod. Or Bear fucker.

Women suck. If that were me, i'd be sure to get the ticket. But then again I'm not a blonde wearing spandex.

Did you really say all that? "Pretty please don't give me a ticket" That's funny.

TriShannon said...

Luck you - a warning!

At first glance I thought you wrote that you were headed to Pennsylvania... I thought, I know she lives east, but that is crazy! Then reread and caught on that it was Pennisula. (sp?)

Dana said...

Way to talk yourself out of a speeding ticket. Wish that could have worked for me.

E-Speed said...

girl you are wild. Not sure I'm going to be able to keep you roped in during this two week recovery of mine!

Kim said...

nice work getting off! it's bc youre so damn hawt!

despite the tummy ache, sounds like you had a good little run there!