Thursday, June 02, 2011

What's harder-Full IM or TTT?

A few people like TriEric and BDD had wondered what I thought so here is my 2 cents!

I think it depends on a couple things-

a) What 140.6 course am I comparing it to.  My only experience at a full was REV3 CP which is a pretty flat course, not like Placid, IMSG or any of the hilly fulls.  Triple T was HILLY for reelz!

b) How hard did you race the TTT races?  Did you lay it all on the line?  Personally, I did not, so it was more like a long training weekend for me.  So it is kind of hard to compare apples to apples.

TTT swim breakdown:
F:  250M Swim
S1: 1500 M Swim
S2:  1500 M Swim
S: 1.2 Mile (1931 M)
Total  3.21 Mi
SIGNIFICANTLY MORE SWIMMING THAN THE 2.4 MI FULL SWIM! This is not helpful for subpar swimmer like me.  But definitely easier mentally to swim these shorter swims than 2.4 miles at once!

TTT Bike breakdown

F:  5 Mi
S1: 24.8 Mi
S2: 24.8 Mi
S: 55.5 M
Total:  110.1
A little less bike mileage at TTT, but I think the hills definitely make up for it!

TTT Run Breakdown

F:  1 Mi
S1: 6.55 Mi
S2: 6.55 Mi
S: 13.1 Mi
Total:  27.2 Mi
A little more running with some hills for sure at TTT but the run was almost all on a soft surface which was very nice for me with the tendency of pavement beating me up! 

So my take is that mentally it is a lot easier to break it down into the shorter races with rest in between than pacing myself through a full all at once.  There is the hill factor at TTT.  If you don't like hills, perhaps a flat full might be easier.  I don't mind hills and ride them a lot so it was not as much of an issue in my book.  Also I think with TTT, sometimes the fatigue starts setting in and you might actually feel sore starting races more so than if you had just done it all at once.  So perhaps some people may think TTT harder for that reason, but in my mind, the full still seems harder.  I think both are challenging but it seems harder to me to tackle the distance all at once!  That said, I like a challenge and look forward to tackling both TTT and another full 140.6 again!


Colleen said...

I love this comparison! :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Thanks, though nothing in Columbus can prepare me for those hills down there. I need to find some