Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits-SIJ

What a super awesome weekend!  Why must they go by so fast?

Friday, hit a Cleveland Tri Club social.  I always really enjoy getting out and meeting new members and those just getting started in the sport and even better when that is done over a good beer!  Great night!

Saturday morning, I woke up early to head out to Edgewater beach for the tri club's Cleveland Triathlon Clinic.  It was a practice tri where everyone would walk through everything which was perfect for newbies and ran by our Club's Newbies Coordinator and USAT Coach, Tim Edwards.  I was able to get in a nice open water swim and to my surprise, Lake Erie water temp felt pretty comfortable in my sweet TYR wetsuit and the water was clean and calm!  Then I headed out to get some running miles before the picnic.  Grubbed and gabbed at picnic before heading out to a friends' place for the afternoon for more grubbing and gabbing.  Returned home soaking wet after getting caught in a heavy downpour and storm on our motorcycles en route home.  We hit the hay early after a busy day!

Sunday, I awoke and made the short drive to Burton to start the Cleveland Touring Club's Sunday in June Ride!  When my alarm went off bright and early Sunday morning.  I rolled over and smiled at my husband and said, "It's gonna be a good day!"  I knew he was excited to go motorcycle riding and I was excited to ride my bicycle.  I was even more excited because it was a tour and not a race which meant no pressure.

I had pretty much everything packed up and was off to meet friends just up the road in Burton for the Sunday in June Ride.  Several years ago I helped Co-Direct this event and it was a daunting undertaking.  Huge props to the Co-Directors the last couple years who have done a terrific job!  I ride a fair amount with this group and they have all levels of abilities and offer a lot of group riding opportunities out in the eastside Cleveland area.  Just the past Tuesday, on the Tavern Ride there must've been nearly 35 people and 12 that started with the A group that maintained an average pace over 20 on a very hilly 31 mile route...so some decent riders for sure and some really nice people!

A group of friends met up who were planning to ride the 100 mile century and around 7:45 AM we pushed off.  It was straight downhill into a cloudy mist, almost like riding into an air conditioner.  Yikes I was cold but hoped it would warm up and the sun would come out.  Turns out, I wished for that all 103 miles and was cold for almost all of it!  I even had arm warmers in my car that I had left there!  Figures!

As we made the initial descent, somehow we managed to lose most the tri club group which stuck together.  I rode with my friends, GG, JC and ET.   JC has made tremendous gains on the bike and it was nice to see how much stronger he looked this year.  Myself and ET, my spunky female sidekick oftentimes these days, took turns "busting balls" and having a lot of laughs as the norm.  Miles clicked effortlessly by and 25 short miles later we pulled into Century Village after the STEEP HILL into Burton.  I sipped on my First Endurance EFS, grabbed a cookie, hit the ladies room and we were back off for another 38 mile loop up to Burton.  We fell into a group of many of my Touring Club Tuesday night riding buds and we kept a good pace without too much effort.  We did witness one crash which serves always to be cognizant on the roads of your actions.  One brain fart can cost ya...lord knows I have had my share!

We rolled into the next aid station up at Big Creek Park in Chardon and cookie monster (that would be daisy) grabbed another cookie.  Fueled with cookies and EFS, I was ready to roll!

The course is pretty much very quiet rolling roads through the Amish countryside.  In sum for the 103 miles I rode, it was ~4500 ft of climbing, so nothing too crazy but certainly not flat.  These are all the roads I have rode a million times out in my neck of the woods and the route passed almost by my house twice.

On the return trip to Burton from Chardon we picked up the Maple Highlands Trail for awhile which was very scenic!  As we pulled back into Century Village again for another stop, lunch had started to be served.  I almost died laughing when sidekick ET seriously thought we were going to eat the pasta lunch then.  She was not thrilled when she realized I was gonna make her ride 1 more 39 mile loop before lunch!

One final loop was left which included some hills in Hiram.  We were joined with another rider, MK, who pulled us along for a bit after the last Overlook Park stop and we teased we were glad he came along to do all the work.  Needless to say, I was really enjoying the ride, despite the fact I was often chilled and kept waiting for my sunshine to come out and play!   As I made my way to the end, I continued to feel pretty chipper and was actually surprised with how good I felt and how sore I wasn't!  YEAH!

When I got done, I quickly tossed my bike in my car, changed clothes and commenced eating a whole lotta good food!  YUM YUM!  We sat around for awhile shooting the breeze before I finally made my way home to chillax with the husband.  It was a really good day just like I knew it would be!

I do love the opportunity to get out and ride these tours with friends!

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Matty O said...

That ride sounds awesome! Just read another blogger's recap of it and it seemed like the perfect mix of rollers for the 100 miles.

Wish we could make more of the CTC stuff this year, honestly not sure how you fit it all in with training. The days fill up so fast anymore.

Keep up the good work! Can't wait to be as good as you are on the bike :) Maybe next year?