Monday, June 20, 2011

The skinny from the MD's

Had plenty of xrays at at Geauga and Metro.

The left humerus is intact, and the left humeral head is situated within the glenoid fossa.

There is a displaced fracture in the lower scapular body, adjacent to the inferior angle of the scapula. The upper scapula is normal in appearance, including the acromion , glenoid and coracoid process.
The distal clavicle is intact, as are the visualized left upper ribs.

Follow-up visit included you guessed it...more xrays!  Everything looks about the same.  issue is at the bottom of left shoulder blade.  said i could bike on stationary bike and trainer now.  advised waiting to run.  hmmm... we will see how long i can wait! perhaps late next week we can do a test and be careful to not move left arm and see if it bothers me.  no need to tisk, tisk as i will be careful not to push it and delay the healing process.

followup visit in 3 weeks.  apparently my shoulder muscles and other stuff back there should push it all back together and it will heal on its own.  use arm sling to mobilize.

so guess we will start biking soon.  trying to let some of my open wounds heal before getting them super sweaty plus re-bandaging them myself is hard.  hike night with hubby later!


Meredith said...

Be careful not to push things too quickly. The races and training will be there in the future. You wouldn't want to hurt yourself any more than you already have. Recover well.

E-Speed said...

ouch :( looks painful to me! You are so badass girl.

Ryan said...

Glad to hear you are doing better Janet. I can imagine the cage of immobilization for you is tough for you. You will back on the bike soon...

How is your other riding buddy doing?

Scott Cannon said...

So painful! I can't believe that wheel disintigrated--I had no idea that could happen. If there is a silver lining here at all, it is that your readers will be more careful. As for you, I had a big accident in 1998 and I know just what you mean about how your friends come through like you've never known before. It makes your relationships so strong. Best wishes for quick healing!

Megan said...

Eeeek! My research is on the shoulder now, altho I don't deal with fractures. Heal fast!

Matty O said...

Yeah... was that english?

You are going to go from a crazy strong cyclist to a completely out of this world cyclist now :)

"Those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones"... right, so I could never tell you not to run or to be careful. Same mindset as you. We know our bodies, we need to be active or we go crazy.

Heal fast!

solarsquirrel said...

Well, I didn't quite understand the prognosis, but it sounds good considering you don't need any type of surgery or additional invasive procedures. Glad to hear you can get back on the trainer at least. And you know your body - it's expected that they would tell you that you can't run. You know what you can and can't do. You are like in the 99th percentile of people on the toughness scale! These Dr's aren't used to treating patients like you. ;)

Ben Miralia said...

Sounds like a whole bunch of no fun at all. On the other hand I have been a big hit at parties telling everyone your story. They already think we are crazy to begin with and it makes them feel vindicated in some slightly warped manner. Get on the trainer and get up to date on all the NCIS you missed when you were out being healthy and athletic.

Jerry said...

Hi Janet - had not read your blog in a while and am really sorry to hear about your crash. It is great to see you have a positive attitude and I hope you heal quickly!!!

Jerry L