Thursday, June 23, 2011

The return to normalcy...sort of!

So Monday, Day 6 post accident, I returned to work.

Arm in a sling, bandages on my chin and elbow and arms wrapped from my hands to my elbows seems to garner a lot of attention walking around Cleveland.  Never am sure what they are thinking besides probably, "What the heck happened to her?".  Many have asked and made comments, all very curious by nature.  Seems there are no shortage of people with bicycle crash stories!  :-) Other sketchier people have left me a little uneasy and wondering if they want to rob a hurt girl of some painkillers.

All in all I am getting along so much better already.

The plan was to go hiking on Monday, Day 6, but that got delayed due to storms in the area so we went Tuesday, Day 7, instead.  Hiking and walking was not an issue but the lack of bug spray sure was!  I had quarter size welts all over my body from them evil bloodsucking flies!  Worst thing was if they got me on the right side, I could not really move my left arm to smack them.  Ouchies!  While I wanted to go longer, between time constraints and the bites we called it a night after 2 miles.  Bug spray for now on!
Me in the cave at West Woods!

The awesome thing was it was the first time I had visited West Woods out in Newbury.  It has really gorgeous scenic trails and I am looking forward to going back and seeing the rest of them.  Might get some new ideas for training events for the tri club as I check out some of these new trails while I heal.

Oh and the bonus is I have been trying to get the husband to do some hiking/walks with me forever now and I think we may actually start to do this on a regular basis!

Today, Day 9- My road rash has healed considerably.  I have been keeping the wounds covered with gauze and with bacetracin or neosporin to keep them moist.  They are filling in fast and not scabbing really at all to speak of.  Definitely going through a lot of products but truly believe in the value of treating the wounds in this fashion.  I think over the weekend my right arm will really not need much at all but the left will continue to need a little TLC because the wounds were deeper, but they can't be too far behind.  Progress.

I had been hesitant to get super sweaty with the wounds but showers have become less painful and today I decided it was time!  :-)

The bike had not got picked up yet so I hopped onto the treadmill at home.  Figured I would start with 30 minutes.  I was gonna jog but wanted to play it safe Day 1 so I commenced to crank my incline as high as it would go and walk at 4.0.  I would walk until my calves were on fire and then either ease the pace or lower the incline for a minute.  Did 2 miles in the 30 minutes.  I was shocked with just how sweaty I was and how hard I felt like I was working.  Either this is a great alternate training method or I got out of shape fast!  Felt good and more like me covered in sweat!  I plan to continue upping the effort and time on the treadmill taking caution to listen to my body.

While I would really prefer to hit the gym,  I figure home is best as their are less germs for my wounds and then hubby can wrap me back up.

The highlight at the moment is that super awesome guy, DM, brought over his computrainer for me to borrow while I heal and am not able to hit the road.  AND today at lunch I picked up my bike which is now all good to go thanks to MV and Bike Authority with a new fork, headset and wheel!

The Dr. called after speaking with shoulder specialist to confirm the prognosis of no surgery, light range of motion activities and STATIONARY CYCLING IS GOOD TO GO!  I cannot wait to get home and get my bike setup.  So thankful to be able to ease back into things!


Matty O said...

Love your enthusiasm. A true role model for the passion behind this sport!

Smart move on staying away from the gyms w/ open wounds, even if they are covered.

I blew myself up a few years back. 2nd degree burns on half my body, no hair, no eyebrows, nothing left haha. I can imagine the pain Janet... I got completely drunk after the accident so that I wouldn't have to deal with the pain. I didn't go to the hospital because I know they use stiff bristled brushes to clean the wounds... I cleaned them myself.

Glad that you feel ok enough to start getting back into it.

Last tid bit, have read a bunch on ultra running. Read that they often will walk for a long time to build endurance and get the body used to the constant movement. Moral of the story, "Motion is Lotion". Keep moving and you will be back in no time!

Mnowac said...

you poor thing! Here's hoping for a speedy recovery. I just moved to newbury, so I will check out that park!

Kacie Darden said...

Recover well! I am sending really fast healing vibes! You have a great spirit though!

Kiersten said...

You are so determined...good motivation for me (and others). I agree with staying away from the gym until open wounds are healed. Superinfections like MRSA (methacillin resistant staph aureus) seem to be quite prevalent in gyms these days. Definitely the last thing you need. Heal well.