Monday, June 20, 2011

on the mend

we will go with lowercase letters today as i still dont feel like bothering with punctuation with my one hand typing.

yesterday was day 5 of no workouts.  picture me stomping feet starting to go stir-crazy.  but there are little victories everyday.  this morning with the string trick from my facebook friends' suggestion i finally got my wedding ring off.  so thankful for that as my hands have been so swollen and it concerned me a lot.  the ring also has some road rash.

today i also made the drive into work all by myself which was no small feat with one sorta ok arm, a 40 mile one way commute, a gas tank  filling and a long walk to the office carrying a heavy back pack over one shoulder with my laptop.  bumps suck and have i mentioned how much i despise potholes.

potholes are my nemesis.  they ruined st patty's day with my car breakdown in the ghetto and now this!

other random thoughts-

my watch broke so i am gonna treat myself to a new one.  i was due anyways.

my garmin 305 which was on the bike is mia  :-(  so guess it went sailing into somewhere unknown.  we went back last night to the sight to check, but no dice.  guess i will be shopping amazon.

mv from bike authority and my good friend cv made the long drive across town to visit yday.  of course i was happy to see them and they even brought me some kick arse beer (an ipa of couse) but even better, mike looked over my bike and it appears damage is somehow limited to only the front wheel....oh and now the front thankful for that!  so hopefully i will have that bike set up on a stationary trainer before weeks end.

tonight i think i got the husband conned into walking / hiking with me.  must do something!

so i know everyone wants to see pics so here goes.....
The pothole
Poor bike


The wheel that has seen better days!
"Anyone got some painkillers?"

Someone spilled some jello on their chin!

the security guard brought me a friend named gingerbear :-)

gingerbear got to ride in second ambulance ride with me!

one sore hand with wedding ring that wont budge

the "good" hand

boo boo bear!


Matty O said...

You are officially a rung higher on the BAMF ladder.

So sorry this happened to you but you will have a positive outlook and keep your head up... that's who you are.

Hang in there, and as you know don't rush the recovery.

Definitely scanned the roads a lot more this weekend and actually used my brakes going down hills.

Kim said...

eek, your bike! your face! get better!

E-Speed said...

oh girlie. it makes me so sad to see you all banged up!

Anonymous said...

OMG I hope you are ok. This is so scary. I crashed my bike last summer. Actually, some idiot walked straight into my bike but I went over my handle bars and head first into the cement. I have never been so happy for bike helmets.

ramblings of a runnner said...

i'm just so glad that you weren't hurt worse! take care and take your time getting back into it!

Velma said...

Here is to quick healing!!

Mike said...

DAMN! If you look like that then I feel twice as bad for the blacktop you took on Chuck Norris style!

I wish you a speedy recovery and plenty of pampering from the hubby and beer gods!

Get well soon!!! :)

Jeanne said...

Ouch, Janet, this all looks so painful. I crashed and broke a rib three weeks ago, but it's not nearly as bad as what you're going through. So sorry. I am sending positive healing vibes to you.

Colleen said...

Wow... just wow...

tribirdie said...

Oh my goodness!! So scary! I am so glad that you are okay (relatively speaking)! Hope the healing continues to go well!

Tiffany said...

OMG ... I see stuff all the time, so not grossed out, but I find my self sitting here crying and thinking this could have been SO MUCH WORSE ... which, really isn't very comforting to you, I'm sure. You are one TOUGH-ASS chick!! I think God wants you to stick around, and so do we. It's a wake-up call, really. I think we, as cyclists, need to really put the heat on the city to FIX THE F'ing POT HOLES!!!

Your spirit is amazing. I am really so impressed. Please, please, please let this slow you down for a bit to heal. You can do a bunch of lower body stuff, core work and, yes, waking & hiking with friends and hubby. I'm sure you can get company at any time - and I am happy to come out your way and hike with you - you just ask!!

Plus, there has to be some kind of positive thing you can take from this - gratitude? Seems so ironic, because most people get angry, which is totally understandable. But, I think finding the positives in this tragic experience is going to help you mentally and emotionally. I cannot imagine the withdrawal you are experiencing - you, more than anyone I know, had a manic workout schedule. You know that isn't possible now ... this is a great time to catch up with those peeps you always mean to "do lunch" with!! Set up a bunch of lunch and dinner dates to really reconnect.

I am thankful that you are still here with us, and that you noggin and spine are okay. You will be okay! Know that tons of are praying for a quick recovery. Take good care of yourself girlie!