Friday, June 10, 2011


So I have been typing this long write up entailing my Mohican Mtn Bike100K experience that wasn't.  It was getting so long, I got tired of typing it and figured no one would want to read that much so there it sits in my drafts folder.

Long story, short.  I rode well and was very happy with how I rode.  Ran into some rear derailleur issues (as in it locked into my rear chain ring) which cost me some time and now I know how best fix that.  Managed to get past those issues after losing a lot of time and a good position in the single track only to get lost late in the day on the 100 miler course instead of the 100 K course (never hit the split or aid station 3 as myself and at least a couple others somehow got totally diverted).  DNF and totally bummed.

Mohican Totals according to GPS:
Distance 50.1
Average Speed:  9.4
Avg HR: 161
Max HR: 186
Total Ascent:  5308 ft
Total Descent:  5116 ft

If you rode the course tho, you would know the climbing and hills are no joke.  To me, it makes TTT hills seem tame.  I will get my redemption on the course next year!!!!  Just stinks as conditions with the dry week leading up to the race this year were soooo good!

This year seems to have so far, been the year that wasn't.  Yet, while the races haven't garnered the results I so know that I am capable of, I feel like all of these long hard "training" races have positioned me to start this summer very strong and ahead of where I have been other years.  So onward! No sense dwelling on the disappointments.

In general, I feel like these disappointments only feed my fire to work harder.  This week starts my official 14 week training plan to REV3 Cedar Point.

Week has went as such-

Monday-off, due to me being a slacker and oversleeping my Monday workout

Tuesday-totally overslept am planned run as I set alarm clock wrong.  Rode 31 mile very hilly route with Cleveland Touring Club's Chagrin Falls Ride (Russell-Caves-Sherman E- Bass Lake-Pekin/Dines back.
Total Distance:  31.00M
Total Time:  1:32:33
Avg Speed:  20.1
Avg HR: 163
Max Heart Rate: 185
Total Ascent: 2529
Total Descent:  2496
Comments:  Enjoy riding with this group.  Sherman road eastbound really threw some good hills at ya one after another without much reprieve.  Ouch...this split the A group. I hung on for dear life to the lead pack and overall felt pretty good.

Wednesday - Swam 2200
Comments:   Had not swam at all prior week.  Took a bit to find my rhythm.  Love outdoor pool!

Thursday- Run with Girls ~ 9 mi
2 mi w/u, 2 mi @6:30pace, ~.75 Mi EZ, 1.5 Mi at 6:30pace, cooldown
Other girls did 6 mi tempo, but I took a break in the middle and cut last 2 mi interval short on acct of needing to hit RR.  Overall, felt good but got my work cut out for me to even try to get closer to them on these workouts.  Plan to focus on consistency here going forward and forcing myself to try to keep up longer.  Dang fast chicks (cough like Espeed)!
Lifted post run for ~40 min.

Friday- Swam 2200 M (pouted that they would not open outdoor pool), hoping to run at lunch

Saturday-Plan to hit cleveland tri training day at edgewater

Sunday - 100 mile SIJ bike maybe brick after


Matty O said...

phew... bummer on the Mohican race. BUT, that is some crazy climbing, I bet your quads were SCREAMING all week from that abuse.

I think you are in a happy place training wise, granted the races have probably frustrated you so far, I think you have one hell of a base built up.

Should be a fun summer. We will be attending the GCT training days after this weekend. Glad you guys host them and offer them to everyone!

have a great weekend!

Kim said...

J - i am EXHAUSTED reading about all your workouts! good work girl.