Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Tidbits

Where does the time go??

Friday, rocked the scooter with husband over to the sister's for a cookout.  That would have been a fun ride except we went under the only rain cloud in the area which rain for 5 minutes and soaked us to the bone.  Super cute tho watching my sister's 4 yr old get to go for a ride with the husband on it.
Our cheesy lil 128 mpg toy!
Made it an early night before all the others tied a good one on as we had stuff to do Saturday!

I rolled out to meet another local Cleveland area team, Snakebite Racing for their team ride.  My local team was riding Sunday so in the interest of getting my ride done on Saturday, I was happy that they welcomed this girl to their "Death Ride".  The CVNP "Death Ride" is about 80 miles and ~14 hill climbs around the Cuyahoga Valley which was set to shove off around 8:30!  Sounds fun!  It was a fun group to ride with and a very challenging course.  They regrouped at the top and bottom of the hills so that was nice in that they stayed together.  Northeast Ohio people truly are so fortunate to have such wonderful riding roads around.  CVNP (Cuyahoga Valley National Park) offers long climbs through the scenic park.  Great views and plenty of opportunity to make that heart pump up those climbs!  It was quite enjoyable and I just was pacing myself throughout the day maintaining a pretty consistent effort.  I had planned to try to wrap it up by about 12:30 but by the time my two friends and I turned off, we did not make it back until a little later but still ended up with 66 miles on the day so not too bad.  Super fun morning and I could have just rode all day!  LOVE that area!

Then the husband and I cruised around on our motorcycles for a bit before heading over to a cookout with his family.  Sunday was a no funday as every blue moon, I guess you have to take care of business.  Yard work, deck work, house work, you name it!  No fun!  Oh well, it feels so nice to have everything back in order and we chilled out that night by a bonfire.  I did manage to squeeze in a solid run in the peak heat of the day which went surprisingly well!

Monday was motorcycle riding day.  Met up with some friends and we rolled Rt 9 down to Cadiz.  Twisty fun riding all day, albeit at a mindful pace with all the cops out writing speeding tickets over Memorial Day.  Can't believe I am back to work for another week so!
Daisy's Duc!

But, it's a short week.  Was off Monday and taking half day Friday to head down to Mohican for the 100K MTB race....SOOOOOO EXCITED!


Matty O said...

Yeah we live right by the station road bridge... I feel like a billy goat this year with all the hills anymore!

I actually have to ask myself where the heck any flat roads are haha.

Sounds identical to our weekend, riding, working, bonfires, boozing :)

Good luck this weekend!

Mike said...

Good luck at the Mohican 100K! I'll be there this year as well! Looks like the weather will cooperate this year for us!