Monday, April 04, 2011

Think Spring!

Today I sit at work and cannot quit thinking about spring almost being here.

It is easy to do at the moment as it is actually over 60 degrees and yesterday I got out on the bike for the first time this year in OH!  Whoot!  (Just don't ask about tomorrow's forecast!....grrrr!)

Anyways last week was so-so in my book.  I am desperately trying to calm the angry beast known as my ITB.  Dr. Keyes helped a lot but I would be lying to say the ITB was happy.  Foam roller, ice and recovery pump pants por favor!

Other than that, just sticking to the plan as laid out by coach.  I had delayed my speed workout until Thursday which went well (4x1 mi at 7:03).  The mile times were not really that difficult compared to the repeat times I was accustomed to trying to hit in past training plans like FIRST which were closer to 6:15/mile, so that helped.  The way coach lays my weeks out is Sunday-Sat.  However, this week I flip flopped my long run day to Saturday (with the hopes of good outdoor rising weather on Sunday) and I managed to log my biggest run volume week in a long time with 74 miles.  This is probably a good and bad thing, good with getting in the miles, bad because ITB is angry.  During Saturday's long run with sis, she had to make a pitstop about mile 15 and I really did not think my leg would let me get moving again.  Thankfully after gritting my teeth while whincing in pain for about 45 seconds, I was moving again.  If it is not one thing, it's another!  It was sister's first 20 miler on Saturday and finished looking so strong....she is so ready for her first mary at Nashville!!!  I have such a good little protege there and she makes me proud!

The one nice thing is biking is that it does not bother the ITB....oh how I heart the bike!  I was sooo excited to meet up with the Cleveland Touring Club on Sunday to do their ride.  Eight or nine people showed up as it was maybe 30 degrees but the skies were sunny and the wind was very light.  I think I finally figured out my perfect 30 degree riding outfit as I felt perfectly dressed which made the ride comfortable.  We left out of Chesterland heading straight uphill and continued our way rolling through some hills up to Holden Arboretrum area and then up the long 2 mi climb up Thwig road to Chardon.  By this point it was just the 3 of us off in the front.  Then a bunch more rollers through Newbury and then entered Chagrin Falls.  We hit the short super steep hill at the north end of town before returning back to the start 45.7 miles later.  While I am still hacking up the funk in my throat that will NEVER leave, I managed to hang tight with super biker, T, throughout the climbs. T did the majority of work throughout the ride leading the majority of the way, but I managed to feel pretty good and consistent throughout the ride and was ready to keep going. The funny thing about the ride was halfway through I realized I never put on bike shorts.  Yet, no chaffing or soreness.....I so love my Adamo ISM road saddle that I picked up late last year!

The weekend ended up being pretty quiet and I continue to do well with my intake overall....progress!   The good thing is the more I make good decisions with what I eat/drink, the easier it seems to get!

I am debating my plans already for next weekend and think it will likely be a big one if the weather cooperates.  Fingers crossed!


Matty O said...

Bummer on the ITB. Still dealing with it myself. I am bailing on all speed work now. All that happens is that I inflame everything and it just pushes all my progress back. No PRs this year I guess haha.

Spring is soooo not here... yet. Ohio sucks.

Joel said...

It's awesome to finally be able to ride outside I bet! I'm really impressed with your speed workout splits - you say they're slower than you're used to, but I'd be so happy with times like that!

Great job!