Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hmmmmm....2011 season

So I have been giving a lot of thought to my racing schedule as every year I like to mix it up a bit to keep it fresh!

2006:  My first year in tris and I did an Oly tri that year.  Swimming & Biking was new to me!    Completed Summi Tri and Cleveland Tri and a host of duathlons.

2007:   Focused on Duathlons and First Half Iron
Fat Rabbit Racing Battle of Ohio Series-1st place Overall Female,  Hermes Road Race Series- 3rd Overall Female, Silver Spring Intl Duathlon (1st OAF), Buzzard Duathlon (3rd OAF), Greater Cleveland Half Ironman ( 1st AG, 5th OF)

2008:  Started into the 50K Runs, ran 3 marathons, Hermes RR Series and a lot of tris!  BUSY!
Completed Winter and Summer Buckeye 50K runs, Cleveland, Boston and Akron Towpath Marathons (2nd AG, BQ), Silver Springs Duathlon (3rd OF) Summi Tri (1 AG), Greater Cleveland Half Ironman, Hermes Road Race Series- 1st AG

2009: Focused on Xterra Tris, Running and Mountain Biking
Completed Winter Buckeye 50K Run (2nd Overall Female), Pittsburgh Marathon (3:35), Columbus Marathon (3:27), Xterra Trimax (2nd AG), Xterra One (2nd OAF), Mohican 100K Mountain Bike, Planet X Tri (2nd OAF), MiltonMan Tri (2nd OAF), Invited to race Xterra Triathlon National Championship

2010:  Focused on my first 140.6 Tri at Cedar Point
Completed REV3 Series including Knoxville Oly, Quassy Half and Cedar Point Full (2nd AG).  Summi Tri (1st OAF), Greater Cleveland Tri (2nd OAF), Maumee Bay (3rd OAF)

2011:  Thinking key races will be TTT and REV3 Cedar Point Full…but perhaps instead of doing the same local tris that I have done every year, perhaps it is time to mix thing up with some bike racing ?????  I also think I will need to stay close to home for the most part so perhaps something along these lines-

2011 Tentative Schedule
1/16 – Run for Regis ½ Mary
2/13- CTC Indoor Tri at Twinsburg
3/12- Malachi 5 Mi
4/9- Jackson Laughs 25K Run
4/16- CTC Brecksville Du
4/30- Nashville Full Marathon
5/20-22-  Triple T
6/4- Mohican 100K MTB
7/8-10- Youngstown Tour of the Valley- Bike Stage Race  ???  Would be new to me!
June –Aug-some local sprint/oly tris and or bike racing
9/11- REV 3 Cedar Point Full
9/24- Akron Mary Team Relay
9/30- Wineglass Marathon? Or maybe 11/6 Inland Marathon if not feeling recovered enough

Probably also several tours like 6/12 – Sunday in June Century Ride, 7/31-Sweet Corn Century Ride, Right Side in August.  I am thinking about racing the Westlake Crits every other Tuesday and perhaps racing the NEO POWER SERIES (mtb) which includes-

Stage # 1: Reagan Park Time Trial - June, 19 2011
Stage # 2: Vultures Knob Double Down Enduro - July, 16 2011
Stage # 3: The Thorn Trail Time Trial - August, 7 2011
Stage # 4: The Big Valley Race at Camp Manatoc - September, 4 2011
Stage # 5: West Branch Mini Enduro - September, 18 2011
Stage # 6: Vulture's Knob - October, 15 2011

Hmmmm....what to do?  I do think my husband would enjoy spending some more time on the MTB trails.


Matty O said...

now THAT is a race resume haha! WOW!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Its interestig to see the different races and tours in the same state that I had no clue about, especially the tours. I might be doing the Sweet Corn Challenge with my team

Jeff Vanis said...

Looks like you have a good plan for '11 and are coming off a solid 2010 season. I am amazed at how you have only been doing this for a few years and how good your results are! Keep up the good work, see how you feel as the year goes on, the best plan is to be able to change the plan.

Jeff - DangleTheCarrot said...

Triple T looks so freaking awesome! You are a badass doing that one!

Kacie Darden said...

Triple T looks great! Awesome liineup!

Anonymous said...

Hi! YOu stumbled on my blog and now I am stubling on yours. I see you are thinking about the Wineglass Marathon this year, I ran it last year and it is a pretty well run marathon and is getting really popular!