Monday, April 25, 2011

Marathon Monday!

Marathon week is here!

As of today the Nashville Saturday forecast is Partly Cloudy low of 65/ high of 78.  Guess it will be a little warmer than I have got used to.  I just don't want want rain/wind or super hot so while it may be on the warmer side, hopefully I will be done before it gets too warm.  Plus I am relieved I will not need arm warmers after the terrible chaffing experience at the 25k.

I just got a call from home saying Brown Santa came today and this time with my Trakkers kit!  Sweet!  I can hardly wait to get home and try it on!  Not only did Brown Santa bring me that sweet TYR wetsuit last week, but  Friday I also got a delivery from Trakkers sponsor, AVIA!   I tore into that package to find my new sweet looking, Avia Bolt III's.  Perfect timing as my Bolt II's now have quite a few miles on them already!  So this morning when I went for my last longer run of 9 miles and I wore the new shoes and had no issues at all.  I did find them to feel a little roomier than the Bolt II's but that might have had something to do with the super thin socks I had on.  Either way I will be adding these shoes into my regular rotation!

Thursday after work I headed over to DM's place to do my FTP test on the bike.  My results were about the same as my initial test back in December so I was slightly disappointed, but given I have been more focused on the run of recent, than the bike, it really was no surprise.  After Nashville, focus will switch to the bike.  I did pretty much kill myself on the test though.  We did a 20 min w/u and the 6 min alternating 1 min spin ups, 1 min easy.  Then it was on to the 5 minutes all out.  Crushed myself here.  Thankfully I had 10 minutes easy to recover before I started into the 20 min block which I was now dreading after destroying myself on the 5 min set.  The first 10 went by fine.  Picked up the effort and by about 18 min I stood up to stretch out the legs briefly which just messed up my rhythm and had a signicant fall off that final two minutes.  Wow, what an ass kicker!

Friday I had my last ART session with Dr. Keyes.  Then sis and I headed over to Lifetime to get in a run.  I did my 3 mi tempo sandwiched in the middle of the 8 miles.  6:45 average pace for those and it felt very comfortable and actually pretty easy which made me happy, especially after the prior nights FTP test!  Then we relaxed in the hot tub, which was a welcome reward.

All the bikes, mine is the red Ducati front right!
Saturday, I was tapped to start the CTC east side cycling workout as we actually had pretty decent weather.  Some wet roads to start but not raining and actually warmer. I had mapped out a nice little route with a downhill start and one major climb up Old Mill out of the valley.  This led the group to where we would start some short 1 mile TT efforts on Gates Mill Blvd.  We did 3 repeats which were into the wind and slightly uphill before regrouping and rolling back to the start about 23 miles later.  It was a good effort and a perfect way to accommodate different abilities.  Then I rushed home to go meet my husband and friends to go for the Taco Run on the motorcycles.  This was such a fun afternoon filled with gorgeous scenic roads and a lot of laughs.  Then we were off to our friends' Euchre party for the evening. GREAT SATURDAY!

Sunday ended up being an off day after a very late night Saturday and bouncing around most of Sunday at our families.

This week will be a pretty light week!  Now this week needs to just go by fast!


Matty O said...

Pretty sure it will fly by for you! This rainy weather is great for getting PRs but not good when you are heading down south for your race.

Nice kicks too ;) They look fast!

Have a great week!

Chris said...

Good luck this weekend! BTW, how do you like that KTM?