Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Ramblings

Enjoying a quiet Monday morning after a busy weekend.  I opted to sleep in today as opposed to an early morning workout.  The 7:30 am wake-up call was a nice change from the wee early morning ones that I have had everyday for the past two weeks or so.

Saturday morning I woke up to run Jackson Laughs 25k.  The temps were in the low 40's and there was a decent little wind coming out of the southeast which made it feel a little cooler than expected.  Yet, I still opted to race in my ctc tank, shorts, compression socks, little gloves and arm warmers.  Actually I felt quite comfy in those conditions in that outfit as it was perfect racing temps.  I lined up near at the front after about ~1.5 mile warmup.  My plan was to roll out at a 7:26 pace but if I felt good, allow down to 7:14 and then try to pick it up at mile 10 if I still was feeling it.

As the race got started I was messing with my garmin which was in bike mode (annoying mistake) but I think I got it all squared around within about .3 miles.  I had opted for headphones on this day, figuring I would be alone much of the course as it was not a huge field.

As I got going I looked down at my gamin and saw my avg pace hovering around 7:11.  I was a little concerned I was going out too fast but I felt comfortable and decided I would just run where I felt comfortable and had plenty of room to ease off if I desired.  My IT band felt tight and I was hoping she would just protest quietly for most part but that was also a concern as I ran.

For the most part, I was just enjoying myself unlike other races of late.  I think the idea that this was a training run to run PMP or so and not a race had me very relaxed and I was having a nice time thinking about all the fun I had had in Kent over the years.  I was listening to one of my favorite dance podcasts, DJ Scene, and literally was ready to sing and dance along the course, while I was trying to keep that on the DL so no one thought I was crazy.  Yet, rocking along with my tunes, I was just ticking off the miles enjoying them.  This has me sort of wondering what I want to do for Nashville as I was planning on no headphones but I really enjoyed having them on this day.  I did not stop at all for water which I would regret later.  As I hit mile 10, I was very pleased to come though and see a 7:11 avg pace and still felt very good so I thought it was time to pick it up and I did.

I started to pick it up holding right around 7:00 and could definitely tell the hills were beginning to feel a little difficult for the first time in the race.  Throughout the day, I always had someone or a couple people within my sight which helped as it made me feel like I was on the right course despite few markings.  I had taken a look at the course to try to familiarize myself with it in advance but somewhere along the way, a bunch of us missed a turn.  As I look at the map now I think we all missed making the left on Meloy so it appears I was on course through 12.5.  As I came through mile 15 on my garmin (already ~.3 off from the start) I started to wonder where the heck the stadium was and thinking I have not seen a mile marker in a long time.  The two guys ahead of me had stopped  as we hit 15.7 on my garmin and I looked down to see a 7:07 avg pace.  Not too shabby!!!  :-)  Makes me think I am in a good spot for my Nashville training.  But that was where the 3 of us concluded we had ran the distance and clearly we are lost!  :-(

That was enough, I was done with running hard.  Now where the heck do we go to get back?  I started running along again hoping we would find our way.  This is about the time I started really regretting that I had not taken any water at the aid stations.  The 3 of us split but regrouped at the next intersection when we asked someone how to get to 43 to get back.  Sounded like it would be another 3 or 4 miles.  I was defeated as I did not want to run that far and push my ITB any further.  One guy ran ahead and seemed fine with getting in a long run and I am guessing the other guy was more discouraged than me as he fell behind me.  :-(   I just wanted help.  I got to the corner of Howe and 43 and had no idea which direction to even go.  I went right.  (Wrong).  Thankfully a volunteer who had already picked up a couple others off course pulled over to tell me I was heading the wrong way.  I think I probably looked like I was about to cry because they then asked if I wanted a ride back even though the cab was full.  THANK GOD as I answered yes without thinking twice.  The one guy hopped back in the bed and I was soooo thankful for that ride.  I had gotten picked up just after 17 so just 18.5 on the day.  I was a little worried about the 2 guys that had been around me that were so off too.  When we got back the RD was very apologetic and tried to make it right.  All good in my book.  While I was a lil frustrated, I took comfort in that I knew I had ran and felt pretty good so the day was not lost.  As bad as it sounds it also made me feel good that I was not alone in making the error but lots of the front people were off before someone made the fix as I think it might have just been the first group following the lead vehicle that got it right.

Then it was off to play on motorcycles Saturday afternoon before another quiet evening.  Sunday I awoke early to head out and meet up for the Bike Authority Fleet Feet team ride.   I limped down the stairs with some sore legs and got the coffee going.  It was going to be a foggy start but the day's forecast was looking up.  It was a huge turnout and great to see so many friends out.  I did not have a specific plan other than let's ride more than last Sunday which was 46 miles and not overdue it.  I thought if I felt good I might just hang in for the 100 and if not I would probably peel off as we came back around Brecksville around mile 60.   It was pretty foggy and there was a decent wind.  As we got going I felt pretty good riding. Yet after climbing out of the valley around mile 25 I noticed I was feeling rather flat and already tiring.  The majority of the crowd peeled off just before 30 and then there was just myself and 3 guys.  There was a fair amount of climbing throughout the day and I could feel myself fading fast and working harder than I wanted to.  I clearly was not taking in enough fluids and as we hit a climb around mile 50, I fell behind.  The guys waited for me at the top and were working out their next plan.  The one guy was peeling off for a final short loop after the Parkway and ES and ST were going to go on back down into CVNP to complete the 100.  Stick a fork in me, I was done and was now just looking forward to getting past the last few hills into Brecksville.  We flew down the final hill on 21 and I said my farewells before getting back to my car 56 miles later.  It was sort of a reality check that I needed to really put in some more bike time because come TTT, I would have to bike 56 hilly miles and likely I would be tired that day too.

Just as I was about to treat myself to some post ride Starbucks the hubby called and said they just stopped for lunch so I made a b-line to Solon to scarf down a burger and fries.  I can't believe how fast I ate and how many times the server filled my water glass.  I SOOO NEEDED THAT!  Then I headed home to grab a quick shower before heading out to meet the guys on my motorcycle.  I was really exhausted as I showered and it took everything I had to just keep moving Sunday.

Also as a side note I had the WORST chaffing of my life I think on my underarms from my arm warmers from Saturday's race.  The post race shower was pure agony.  My bike jersey on Sunday only further aggravated things and I grimaced again during that shower before the husband finally putting bandages on them Sunday evening.  Glad I tried those armwarmers out for Saturdays race and did not try it out at the mary!  I am not sure I will even consider using them.

All in all, it was a good training weekend.  My plan has me starting to cut back run mileage this week so that has me a bit excited.  I do have my bike FTP test on Wednesday so that should kick my tail. Now to figure out how to rest up a bit for that while getting in my running workouts for the week coming off the weekend with some very sore tired legs.

As a sidenote which I am almost afraid to say, I think I am finally feeling better without the sinus infection!


Matty O said...

Holy crap you dropped some time off your splits! GREAT JOB!

Sounds like you are in good shape too with the ITBand, mine would flare up as soon as I start pushing the pace, so I think you might be ok on that end (hopefully).

Have a great week!

(I always take my tunes, whether I play them or not is another story, when I PRed last spring I rarely listened to them. Talked to the other runners in my group the whole time)

allanjel said...

Sounds like you are training like a champion and ready for a marathon PR in Nashville.

Best of Luck Killer!!!