Friday, April 08, 2011

Christmas Eve????

Well not really but I am super excited that it looks like after the longest winter evah it looks like we are going to finally get a reprieve from our cold gloomy weather!

Tonight I plan to get home from work, have some dinner and chillax watching 127 hours which is about a mountain climber who becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive with James Franco.  I had read about it awhile back in Outside magazine and it looks interesting...we shall see!  Then I want to hit the hay early!

Tomorrow morning, I will head out to my old stomping grounds, Kent State (where I played often when I was home from college) to run the Jackson Laughs 25k.  Weather looks perfect and my plan is to use it as a tune up race to see where I am at in terms of my marathon goal.  The plan is to get in a two mile warm-up or so, run the race at planned marathon pace and then get in a cool down for a total of 18 miles or so.  I have decided I think I will roll out at my more conservative marathon pace as I think it is a safer bet than risking blow-up or injury come marathon day.  I am hoping to run 7:26 pace and feel comfy enough that I would be able to do it another several miles come least then I will have a real taper.  I had another appt with Dr. Keyes last night and he really got into the ITB hard and made me sweat from the pain.  Oh how I wish that ITB pain would go away already!  That is my big ? for the day...fingers crossed!

Post race it is time to ride!!!  I got my baby all cleaned up and put back together last night and she is ready to go.  The husband is more than a little excited for us to get out on our toys so we will be just rolling around
where ever the breeze takes us.  I have not been out on my motorcycle since the fall which is the longest hiatus I think it has ever been since I started riding so I am quite excited.  I have a 40 mile one way commute to work everyday and I am thinking this year I will try to ride most days to keep some miles off my car as it is getting up there in mileage fast to the tune of not even 2 years old and already up to 72K.  Eeeks, I am so going to probably have the car wore out before it is paid off.

So after that good day Saturday, the plan is to roll out on my other two wheel toy (my bicycle) on Sunday.  The Bike Authority Fleet Feet team is meeting at 8AM to head out for a hilly 100 mile ride.  That is awful big day this early in the season, so we shall see how it goes.  Regardless I am just really looking forward to getting outside on a warm day with good people and with TTT quickly approaching, some mileage is definitely needed.

Bring on the the weekend!

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Matty O said...

Love the shiny bike :) Miss my motorcycle some days... others I remember the deer hitting me and the idiots almost T-Boning me at intersections. Be careful!

Huge weekend ahead! Dr. Keyes is probably getting sick of seeing me already, I can't seem to kick the ITB issues either. I backed off all speed work now and am pretty much 30bpm under my target HR.... uhhh yeah, not good.

I need to hook up with you guys on some rides this summer, do you have like a C team? 16-17mph? Take it easy!