Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wacky Wednesday thoughts

Today will be whatever random thoughts are in my head!

*  Our east side indoor rides have concluded for the season.  The plan was to start them outside this Saturday.  Weather calls for low of 30, high of 39 and rain snow mix.  BOOOO!  I guess I will just run Saturday as Sunday 's weather looks better and the Cleveland Touring Club is doing a nice hilly 45 mile ride and I have not seen that gang since last season.  Is it the weekend yet?

*  My ITB started barking at me Sunday about mile 17.  I limped through my easy run Monday and opted to just do a 10 mile easy aerobic run Tuesday instead of my speed workout.  Hit Dr. Keyes for some much needed ART and it feels SOOO much better.  Two takeaways from this.  #1 Listen to your body and try to get lil problems fixed before they become big problems.  #2 Consider ART if you haven't already when certain issues crop up

*  I have really gotten on the ball the last week and a half with my intake cutting out the garbage calories.  Marathon date is 4.30.  I know I can behave for the next month and with every bit of result I see, it only fuels my fire!

*  Not that this comes as a surprise to anyone, but I so love training with my friends.  I am so thankful for the many long runs with my sister.  I am thankful for having ESpeed as a new swimming partner as well as her company on several easy runs of late.  I was so happy to hop on the treadmill alongside CV yesterday and pass the time chatting with her.  Training with friends just makes it so much easier to get through and get up to get started!

*  Sleep is so good!

*  This weekend will be my sister's first 20 miler.  My goal this weekend is to have her start focusing on nutrition as I have with the help of First Endurance products.

*  I love this website...check it out if you wana go ahhhhh!

*  It is a good time not to be an accountant poor dad is soooo busy!

*  I am so excited about the upcoming weekends.  This one is pretty mellow with training both mornings and a 40th surprise party, next weekend I am signed up to do a 25K as a tune-up race, the next weekend is the CTC duathlon & Fleet Feet Pepper Pike's grand opening and 5K, then one more quiet weekend (hopefully), then Nashville, then CTC training camp at Mohican, then Cleveland Marathon weekend, then TTT, then Memorial Day weekend and then Mohican 100K MTB!!!  BRING IT ON!


Caratunk Girl said...

Glad you were able to get that ITB settled, that can be a doosy to deal with. I love ART.

Matty O said...

Yeah, Dr. Keyes pretty much saved my season lol. Wish I went to him months prior to my injury. He is a miracle worker I tell you !!!

Going to him this afternoon in fact, hopefully he can fix my hamstring now too LOL.

Keep up the great work!!! The clean eating will show a noticeable increase in your performance!

allanjel said...

Aww, yeah!! You are so crazy with the Mary and TTT and Mohican 100k, but if I was to put money on somebody to perform like the terminator and "kill it," it would certainly be you!

As soon as the weather warms up a little more I will try and get in on the Saturday ride and I suppose we can bring e-speed to the secret spot too!!

Caratunk Girl said...

How is the ITB treating you? I hope better.