Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I heart brown santa, TYR and Trakkers!

It was another cold rainy gray day in Ohio yesterday.  I pulled the covers up over my head when my alarm went off yesterday morning.  I thought that it would be nice to sleep in and I did.  I got up for work and packed my bag and hoped I could sneak out at lunch for my scheduled run.

Lunch time came but it was pouring down rain, 40 degrees and windy.  While I like to think of myself as hard core, I really had no desire to go outside and run in that alone.   Couple that with the notion that I would have to return to work as a drowned rat, I decided I would try to get it in in the evening.

Then the call came from my husband that after he had spent the day painting at his mom and dad's, they wanted to take us out to dinner.  SCORE!  Even better was that my husband who loves Mexican so, and would eat it every day, picked to head out to Jimmy Dadonna's for some Italian because he knew I had been mentioned it a few times over the past few weeks.  What a good husband!!!

So yesterday ended up being a day off and I ate myself silly with delicious garlic doughballs and lasagna.  Then we stopped for ice cream on top of it all.  My belly was rock hard full and that provided plenty of guilt to get me up to run 10.5 miles before work today.  Time to reel in intake so I can taper and not weigh a million pounds come raceday!  But DANG that was good!

After I arrived home from dinner I was sooo excited to see brown santa had brought me a package compliments of Trakkers and out team sponsor TYR!!!  I ripped into the box quickly to open another box and then some plastic to reveal a most gorgeous wetsuit!!!!

It is the Female Hurricane Wetsuit Category 2 which is stated as-

"The highest-end suit in the Hurricane series is created using the finest fabrics available. The suit’s outside is made exclusively of the lightest Yamamoto Nano SCS rubber. The combination of super stretchy rubber with the soft jersey fabric on the interior makes for a superior fit and feel."

I know one girl who is super excited to test this out.  (Cue to me jump up and down screaming me with my hand up!!)  This girl can use every ounce of help I can get in the water with my dragging legs.   First race in this suit will likely be in the frigid cold waters of Portsmouth, OH in May.  Yikes, it has not even started warming up in OH this year!  Thank goodness it is a full wetsuit!!!  Now I think I am going to need to find myself a neoprene swim cap to go with it for that race as this girl knows just how cold that water is likely to be and I am a gigantic freeze baby !!!


Matty O said...

uhhhhh yeah, you are GOING to freeze down there ;)

Man, brown Santa must have your house on his most frequently visited list haha!

Taper sucks, I usually gain about 3-4lbs.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

When is going to be spring!!! At Glass City, it was in the 30's and super windy!!! At least it was a tail wind the last half of the race. I really hope we dont just jump into summer and we get a little spring