Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Well it was no secret I was planning to run Nashville Marathon.  I don't even really want to comment on it or make excuses but I want to move on so here it is.

The training had went well, but it always seemed like one thing or another was forever bothering my left leg.  I can't seem to process how much of this is paranoia or if there is just cause to be cautious here.

Regardless, I feel like even before I went to Nashville, I had a lot of doubts about my leg and if I was smart I would have just opted to run the half and enjoy it.

But I figured I would line up and see how I felt.  There seemed to be more hills than I remembered and the heat was coming on fast.  I was enjoying the crowds and there were a ton of people!

By mile 11 still holding a nice 7:18 avg on the garmin, I started to notice a building pain in my left leg and it was about this time the half marathoners made the split to head in to their finish.  I was sooo wishing I was almost done too!  I now had a slight limp and I think I was already starting to mentally check out.  I just kept thinking B race...don't blow A race  in 3 weeks, don't blow the season.

Just after 13, I threw my headphones on hoping to try to just drown out my doubts.  All I could think is please don't let this race cost me another stress fracture.  At mile 15.77, the course came within a block of where the halfers headed in.  For the past 5 miles or so I could feel the crescendo type pain building in my tibia area.  I was not sure if it was the nerve or if the stress fracture was coming back and I just did not want to limp for another 10 miles and risk hurting myself.  I stopped.  I was soooo hot now.  Temps had risen into the 70s at this point.  Every part of me knew I could finish this race but I was just not thinking the potential sacrifice was worth it.  After borrowing a phone to let my husband know I was quitting I jogged down to the half and jogged the final 2 miles in with them to finish with about 18.  

I did not even get the medal when I crossed.  I sort of just wanted to hide and wished no one knew I was doing the race.  Once I quit running, the pain in the tibia area seemed minimal so I don't think any damage was done.  But now I continue to question my decision and am filled with disappointment.  

I suppose at this point, I am just going to try to close the book on it and try to focus on TTT.  I really want redemption from this pathetic showing and no more excuses.

On the positive side, the experience was still awesome.  My non-running friend KL threw up a 1:43 half with no real training, sis ran her first marathon with a 4:06 AND I had a blast with ET and all the other CTC friends that made the trip down.  Lastly Saturday, I celebrated my anniversary with my husband of 6 years as we partied it up Nashville style, and having an awesome little pub crawl listening to tons of great live music!

Splits through 15.77 where I stopped my garmin....

So going forward, my near term plan is to focus on biking and swimming.  I will race TTT May 20-22 and then do Mohican 100K MTB on June 4th.  I plan to keep the running to a minimum to let the issues simmer down and just enjoy the summer as I will later build back up for REV3 Cedar Point.  Lots of fun pics to come!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

As much as it sucked to make that decision in the middle of the race, it was the right decision, its barely May and you have a whole season ahead of you, its best to make a decision to prevent an injury that could cost you time

Matty O said...

First off, how did you get your splits to come in that blue color? I LIKE!

Second, as a competitive athlete myself for my whole life, you made the hardest decision in your life. When to bail. Honestly, smartest move of your life.

Personally, after dealing with crap for 6 months already I will bail now when I have an issue coming on. I threw away my 13.1 2 weeks ago for dealing with my achilles. No hard feelings because I am able to still race this year :)

After you dealt with your crap in the past, I think you can rest easily at night KNOWING you made the right decision.

Besides, its a stupid race anyways. The only person upset is you :) ONWARD to bigger and better things!

( I still would have taken the 13.1 medal at least ;) I am a medal whore )


Having lived in Nashville, great venue...

I am a member of the "live to fight another day" club also, having pulled out of IM LOU last year at mile 9 of the marathon.... then raced 10 weeks later at IMFL and PRd. You made a wise choice.

E-Speed said...

Girlie, I know it may not feel like it but what you did was very brave, you set your ego aside and did what was best for your body. Not an easy thing to do. No doubts you are in phenomenal shape and ready to do some amazing things this year!