Monday, November 22, 2010

Kickin off the holiday week!

It is rather gloomy here in Cleveland today and while the rain might have made my commute slow, I am not letting it dampen my mood!  But why, you may wonder....lots of reasons!

1.  It is a short week and I am excited to lots of things this week such as seeing family and friends for turkey dinner, my beloved stuffing and my aunt Linda's kick arse Lemon Merange pie.  Mmmm!
2.  This will all be earned of course with a morning turkey trot and for the first time ever, my sis is going to do it with me!  It will also be my first Aurora Turkey Trot as opposed to downtown Cleveland which will make the morning much less rushed which will be nice!
3.  The early Friday morning shopping extravaganza with mom & sis in keeping with tradition.  Yes there is madness, yes there are lines, but every year this is a very enjoyable day for us that we go in with a plan, get awesome deals and really just enjoy our time together!  :-)
4.  I am also happy as I have really really been enjoying being able to run again more regularly.  I am not sure which was more enjoyable, the return the Saturday morning SERC trail run on the most awesome Buckeye Trail or running 15 miles on the Headwaters Trail Sunday with my very own sister on her longest run to date!
5.  And finally in the spirit of giving thanks, the list is very long and distinguished from my stinky dog, to my patient husband, to my favorite friends & family, to my health, my wonderful training partners, these awesome sports and soooo much more!

So last week went as such-
M- 4000 Meters Swam
T- 8 miles (with 6x 800's at 6:00 pace)
W- 7.75 mile run with lunch run gang at 7:45 pace
R- 7.25 mile run in morning (2 mil @ 6:30, 1.5 easy, 1.5 miles at 6:45)  Fell off at end as stomach was not happy!  , 1 hour weights
F- 2600 Meters Swam
S- 13 miles ran on BT with SERC
S - 15 miles ran (8:59 pace) with sis on Headwaters  ---SO PROUD OF THIS GIRL!

Swam- 6600 M
Ran - 51 miles
Biked - hmmm 0, yes the 6 week ramp up to the hard stuff starts today which means a minimum of 2/3 workouts per week!
Core- 1 hour

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Matty O said...

Solid week! Never done a turkey trot before, we are doing the cleveland one just to say we did it.

Glad you have a running partner! Hopefully you guys are close in pace too so you both get some huge gains.

Have a great Turkeyday!