Monday, November 08, 2010

Smelling like a man is good???

This past week has been getting back into a groove.  I give my intake a B-.  Going out to dinner just kills me!

I was good eating at home all week.  Thursday before the Race Across the Sky, started the downward spiral.  A healthy salad, but Christmas Ale was $2.50 a pint.  That was too good of a deal to pass up, plus I had been hearing all about this year's Christmas Ale for 2 weeks.  Then Friday we hit Winking Lizard before seeing the very funny, JackAss 3D.  More delicious garbage food there!  :-( And I paid for it as my stomach hurt from the hot bonesless wings overnight.  So back on track today!

On the plus side I have been hitting the workouts pretty hard.

Monday was off as I was in the car 11 hours.
Tuesday- 8 miles (4x1 @6:20), 1 hour core, weights, stretch
Wed-7.25 mi lunch run @ 7:45
Thurs- 9 miles (5 mi @6:55), 1 hour core, weights, stretch
Fri- 1 hour performance cycle, 1000 m swam
Sat- 13 mi on Buckeye Trail (Brandywine/Pine Lane)
Sun- 63 Mile Road Bike Ride (Red Flannel Metric Century)

Core / Weights- 2 hours
Ran- 37.25 mi
Bike- 83 mi
Swam - 1000 meters (way too low)

By Saturday and Sunday, I was just feeling flat.  My legs were tired and I just struggled to keep up with the people I was running with Saturday and riding with Sunday.  Ughhh, I hate that feeling.  My heart rate was sky high, yet my paces continued to fade.

Friday evening brought a fresh layer of snow to Northeast Ohio and the trails were just gorgeous to run on Saturday morning....oh I have missed them!  I think it has been nearly a year since I ran them...yikes!  My tail was a little tired adjusting to using some different muscles!  I realized Saturday that my trail shoes were all so old.  That and last time I bought trail shoes I was wearing size 8 and I have now switched to 8.5 in all running shoes to allow for more room.  My little toesies felt all sore after that run probably a little to do with being used to more room and probably some with all the downhill!  My feet got soaking wet both creek crossing and I was so happy to get home and shower and warm up after my run!  Time to order me up some more Sauconys I guess.  I wish I would have known last week when I placed that order which has these super sweet Kinvaras in this new all hot pink and black color (SOOOO SWEET and I thought the white with hot pink shoes were cool)

Sunday was a chilly morning to start riding but I bundled up and was ready to go as it was supposed to warm up and be sunny!  After a chilly start, I managed to work up a good sweat over the 63 miles with all my layers.  As I finally made it home, I was already looking forward to a nice warm shower to wash all the salt off me.  As I reached for the soap I noticed the Wild Cherry Blossom was all gone so I reached for the only other option I saw in there, Nivea Cool for Men.  Wow, it smelled so good as I lathered it everywhere and even as  I left the shower I just kept inhaling the manly aroma!  Mmmm, I could smell it on myself for awhile afterwards and I just kept thinking that was good stuff, albeit not very feminine!  As good as it smelled, I did toss a new bottle of some more feminine smelling soap in there for next time!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL!! You smell like me now, thats what I use (ya, that might just sealed the deal for never using it again)

marathon mommy said...

Great to meet you in real life this morning at LTF!