Tuesday, November 09, 2010

How did I end up on YouTube???

Thank goodness it is nothing to embarrassing!  KM took some video at the Red Flannel Ride!

The show!

That video reminded me how cold my face was at the start.  Next time, ninja face mask at 30 degrees!  Also, I would just love to figure out even warmer hand options...perhaps thick mittens!

In other news, this morning was another gorgeous morning to run with CV.  With the time change, we were able to watch the sunrise as we did our interval workout which was 1 Mile at 5K pace, followed by 8 x 400's with 1 min recovery!  I have not done 400s in forever!  I SO LOVE THEM!  Pain is contained to less than 1.5 minutes but boy did they get the HR up there!   Loving the gorgeous forecast this week and excited about racing a 5 miler this Saturday (Twinsburg Turkey Trot)!!!!

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