Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Day 1

I made it through Day 1 but Day 2 is starting off on a bad note!

Day 1 was a busy day.  Wake up at 4:50.  Hit car by 5:10.  Downtown by 5:55.  Fast walk to gym.  Leave gym to run at 6 AM for 8 mi incl 4x1M repeats.  Return to gym to stretch and do core and weight-training (as a side note yesterday in addition to normal pullups, pushups, upper body exercises, I did a few squats and lunges without weights.  As usual, I am SORE from just those few...thank goodness I did not do more.  I need to build up slowly on these!) Hit shower at 8:25.  Work from 9-5 without break.  5-5:50, drive home. 6 PM vote.  Drive to store and grocery shop to arrive home at 7:30.  Put away food and make dinner to finally get to eat at 8:30 and take in some Chuck (one of my fav shows) on the tivo!  Then finally head to bed at 9:30.

So here is what I don't like.  It just never fails that dinner always lands right before bed.  I hate that as I always go to bed feeling so full....must work on that!  On the plus side, after spending way to much money, I have plenty of healthy food to choose from!

This morning, I must have turned off my alarm instead of snooze meaning I totally missed my workout time.  Booo!  For some reason I was sooo exhausted this morning!

I am going to try to sneak out for a short easy lunch run and then when I get home from work, my goal is to set up the bikes/trainers in the living room and the husband and I can get a nice quality workout in!  Problem is again, it will probably be a late dinner! 


Matty O said...

healthy eating costs a lot. It sucks, probably why most people go to mcdonalds for the dollar items.

If you are as busy as it looks. there is NO TIME for snacking and unhealthy eating haha.

Good luck! First couple weeks are the hardest to set a routine. A lot of people I know will arrange meals for the entire week on Sunday so that their prep time for dinner is minimal.

Kim said...

reading about all your activities stressed me out! way to get everything done!