Tuesday, November 02, 2010

It starts today!

November 2, 2010.  I am marking it down, my weight down and from here on out starts the log of all workout activities AND food intake!

It seems like a random day to start a program but we just returned home from our whirlwind trip to the south late last night and after enjoying the southern hospitality and road trip food, both my husband and I are ready to buckle down.  Yet another motivator to start today was my husband's cousin, BE.  BE started mountain biking this year and over the past 4 months or so has really started to watch his intake and his results are astounding.  BE is planning to come up from Chattanooga, TN and ride in the Mohican 100K Mountain Bike race that I am planning to do again in June and my husband plans to do for the first time ever!  The Mohican 100K mtb race is a major undertaking for anyone, especially with the significant amount of elevation changes, but this will be even more so for BE and my husband who have never done any sort of endurance event.

So my husband is ready to get serious now!  This is much to my delight!  You see we can be quite bad influences on each other and if we can just try hard together I think we can both achieve HUGE results.  I had been letting things slide a lot since race season so I am excited to get myself not only back into shape, but hopefully in the best shape ever to start the 2011 season!

In addition to watching our diets, our goal is to get in exercise together on a regular basis in the evenings!  I think this will be fun for us.  This time will likely alternate between weight training (often likely including P90x) and riding bicycles (or trainer time).  Also I think I got the husband planned into attending the 2 hour Saturday morning East Side Indoor Cycling Classes too which will be soooo good for him!

My plan is to calorie count and just eat healthy in general.  I also want to cut out all the white flours.   The other significant change will to serious curb the alcohol intake as way too many empty calories there and thankfully I think the bulk of parties, weddings and celebrations are winding down a bit for the time being!  I have a calorie intake goal in mind but if my energy is too low, I am not opposed to ratcheting it up a bit as long as it is healthy food, given the amount of time daily I generally exercise.

So there it is.  I am excited!  I am excited for me and I am even more excited for my husband.  I think this will be the first time he will truly focus on being fit!

As a sidenote, we ate sooo much crap yesterday knowing that was it.  My stomach hurt last night and on this mornings run consisting of more mile repeats.  Icky!  Enough of the bad food but surprisingly I was able to hit the paces without too much discomfort and felt way better this week than last week on all four of them!

Training Run Down-
Monday, 10/25 - 60 min performance cycle with KM, 1700 M Swam
Tuesday, 10/26 - 8 Miles (4 x1M (6:18, 6:22, 6:23, 6:25), 1 hour weights & core
Wednesday, 10/27 - 60 min performance cycle with TK, 1000 M Swam, 5 Miles Ran with CTC Costume Run
Thursday- off
Friday-5mile mtb
Saturday- 60 miles road bike
Sunday- 9 mile hilly run (7:58 avg pace on the hilly course)
Monday -off (in car 11 hours :-(  )


Matty O said...

I kept asking myself what about alcohol the entire post until I read those dreaded words... good luck :)

It worked for us, we made it 3 months and then slowly crept back into our old ways... now its way out of control.

Mallie Dein said...

Hey girlie...Derek and I are about to finish 8 weeks of seriously strict intake, as a jump start and habit builder. Now we're going into the long term phase of clean eating, lots of training and watching our own adult beverage intake. So it's great your hubby's doing it with you...but you've got some down South friends to keep you company, too!

Trisaratops said...

Okay...wait a second. Since WHEN are you out of shape?! Are you delusional? ;)

I've been doing P90X and seeing some pretty awesome results so far, and I'm only in week 3. I'm definitely a believer!

Yay for Joey, and yay to both of you for working out together! Matt and I have been doing P90X at 5am and it makes it suck a lot less to have him there with me. :)

Miss ya!