Friday, November 12, 2010

Finally Friday!

It was a long tiring week so I am so excited for the weekend!

I am giving myself a little gold star this week for hitting every early morning workout.  I must finally be getting used to my 4:50 AM alarm.  Oh believe me, I still hate it, but have been able to drag myself out of bed, hit the coffee maker button and somehow manage to get in the car to wake up as I head to either Beachwood or Downtown Cleveland to workout.  (Beachwood is the Lifetime Fitness destination for Performance Cycle and Swimming...Downtown is for Running & typically Lifting)

I started the week not feeling so fresh after kicking my own butt last week and pretty much died trying to keep up all weekend.

This week has went as such-

Monday was Performance Cycle.  Usually I swim after, but I was so exhausted, I just plopped myself in the hottub.
Tuesday, interval workout with CV.  1 mile at 5K pace, 8x 400 plus w/u & c/d for 8 miles total.
Wednesday, 6AM Performance Cycle followed by 1000M swim.  8 mile lunch run with the boys and ES (7:42 pace).
Thursday, 7.25 mile easy run (8:03 avg).  NC, MY, and ES were all out doing a tempo....I probably could not have kept up but I was so tempted to try but opted to be conservative in the hopes that I would have fresher legs Saturday.
Friday, decided to give the legs a nice rest and just swam 2650M.  Ever since my sinuses have just been messed up and driving me crazy!  Too much water or is it a cold????  Probably the water!

Tonight I could not be more excited to return to Rays Indoor Mountain Bike Park!  I always look forward to my first visit of the season to see what changes have been implemented.  Plus I will get see the rest of my Rays peeps like GS and ET!  Should be fun, however I will probably try to take it easy because....

Saturday morning, I will race the Twinsburg Turkey Trot 5 Miler.  I have never done it but want to show support for the club that is the host for our East Side Indoor Cycling!  I am looking forward to seeing if some of this running is paying off but already dreading the pain of trying to run hard!

Then later in the day I am planning to meet some friends to ride mtn bikes at West Branch.  Now I know I will likely be a bit tired but with this November weather treat, it would just seem wrong not to get outside and enjoy it!   Sunday should be another busy day filled with some running, maybe some swimming and 2 meetings!  Is it 5 yet???

PS, I don't deserve a gold star with my healthy eating kick which did not really survive a week.  :-(  But it was the husband's birthday and my only options were pizza, cake & icecream!!!!  And I am already looking forward to Dos Coronas post mtb ride tomorrow, but I think I will have earned that!  I think the husband and I are going to need to recommit bc it seems we are off to a false start.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I have never been to Rays, I heard a ton about it down here in Cbus. I was lucky enough to take my MTB out yesterday and hit the single track, I forgot how tough that can be.

Matty O said...

jealous... still can't run :( Have fun at the race, I wanted to do it since its near our house!

Good job on your workouts, man you are a machine! No rest for the wicked right?

Have a great weekend!