Sunday, October 31, 2010

Who are you???

Reporting in from Ider, AL...which is about 45 minutes SW of Chatanooga, TN right on the AL, GA, TN border.

The husband has a long weekend class down here and I figure since he gets dragged around so much for my events that I would come down here with him.  Although, this is not a spectator class, so I am left to my own devices....which would be occupying my time training.  What else would a girl do?  Shop?  Not so much!

We are actually staying with my husband's aunt and uncle who live on a gorgeous piece of property complete with trails (for their horse back riding) and a 10 acre lake (perfect for me to swim in!).

We arrived about 5AM Friday morning.  A short nap later, a full day's worth of work, and finally it was playtime!  A cousin and I hopped on the mountain bikes and took a spin around the horse trails which was a nice mix of fields, hills and wooded areas....I would say it was only a 3 or 4 mile stretch, but good times just the same!

Yesterday, I pumped up my road bike tires.  I think my bike was wondering who the heck I was.  I have not touched it since REV3 Cedar Point.  Between the dark, cold, rain and just taking a break, it had just collected dust in my garage.  Not that I had abandoned biking, I was still riding my mountain bike some and regularly hitting M,W,and F 6AM Performance Cycling classes (which are structured to replicate outdoor riding vs regular spin classes...which rock btw).  

I was not sure what to expect but I had mapped out a 60 mile course (nothing like starting small as I had all day!)  I waited until 11 for things to warm up a bit and headed out to get chased by dogs, fight the wind, climb Sand Mountain and Lookout Mountain and just enjoy being back out on my bike.  Truly it was hard not to enjoy the ride, it was sunny, 70 degrees and the views on Desoto Parkway could not be much more scenic!

I was trying so hard not to worry about speed today although I inevitably watched it and was a bit frustrated by it...stupid hills and wind!  Yet, all and all it was so nice to be back out on the bike and was almost as if I had not missed a beat!

Hmmm...what to do today other than to continue reading the Lance Armstrong Performance Program by Lance Armstrong and Chris Carmichael to see what other tidbits I can pick up.  I see a run in my near future!

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