Monday, October 11, 2010

Go Sista!

This weekend I had the pleasure of running with sis for a fantastic 10 mile run!  Now I told her she better behave and actually taper this week!

This might be hard for her.

You see lil sis is quite competitive and driven!  She is only 16 months younger than me and was in the class below me.  We were always on the same teams and usually she was better than me...not that I would admit that!

Lately I find myself getting such enjoyment out of watching the amazing strides she is making!  She just started running in March of this year.  The first time she ran 2 miles without stopping was at the Saint Malachi Race which she did, mainly to come for the afterparty.

Yet, I think the taste of getting back to exercising and the fun of racing was enough to draw her over to the dark side!  Muhahaha!  Maybe big sis is not so crazy as little sis would often tell her when I rattled on about my mileage and training.

So little sis (or JJ my dad has not take to calling her meaning Janet Junior :-) ) has been plugging away averaging 30-40-50 average mile weeks and she keeps getting faster!  Now don't think this girl is not working hard...her HRM (that I found her a steal on) tells her different!  No wonder she is getting speedy and FIT!

This weekend will be her official first half marathon.  She has already covered the distance several training runs, but it will be her first 1/2 mary race and I know she will do awesome.  I am sooo excited for her!

The best thing about it all is she lives only about 15 minutes from me and the Headwaters Path is between us and makes for gorgeous soft scenic running grounds.  I foresee lots and lots of runs with sis in our future.  The best thing is she has come so far so fast that already she makes for a comfortable training partner!

Saturday, we ran the first 7 mi together and then I went on to run my last 3 at planned race pace for Sunday's Columbus half mary.  I was pleased that I hit my race pace with no real issues....but can I sustain that for 13 miles?????  Who knows!  Guess we shall see!  All I really care about is being able to run healthy this winter and watching sis succeed and if I hit that lofty goal time on my lackluster post im training, it will just be a bonus!

Summary since Friday-
Sat- 7 mi at 8:45, 3 at 6:50
Sat eve- SUPER FUN single speed, monster cross, mtb tour de chagrin falls ride, 13 mi
Sun-nada....yard work :-(
Mon- 6 AM Performance Cycle, 1200 M Swim


Matty O said...

I would kill my brother if we ever ran together. We are so different that it drives me nuts. Always wondered what it was like to have a sibling I liked haha!

Good job. Your run is very strong, I am sure you will place very high with your pace.

Are you shooting for the magical 1:30 too? Hopefully it goes better for you than me, my speed work was nada all summer and fall.

I will be rooting for you!

Mnowac said...

How fun! I run with my brother in law when he is visiting and its the best. Running with fam rocks. Good for your sister, being fast must be in your genes.