Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fun fun fun would be to run run run!

With tri season officially closed, it is that time of the year that I love to focus on running!

I start thinking about my fall marathon.  Last year that was Columbus and that was the plan for this year too!  I was looking forward to it but it was after last years marathon that I got my tibia stress fracture.

All year, the tibia has felt tender when mileage ramped up.  I have given this much thought.  I was thinking that I was in pretty good shape to set a marathon pr right now but I have decided I would not trade an extra 13.1 miles for another winter off!  So I am going to do the half instead.

One of my favorite running partners has been dealing with injury much of the year too so perhaps we will both be able to run half pr's and run together for the most part!  Should be fun!  Plus both of our awesome hubbies which cheered for us last yr at the marathon, can pal around together as we both do the half this time around.  Plus my sister is going to run her first half there!

I am not sure what to running volume has been low and I mean low!  The last two weekends were SUPER DOOPER fun weddings which consisted of way too little exercise and making up for it with way too much alcohol and bad food.  Time to recommit to the standard training regimen! 

So I am comfortable with the half switch although sometimes I think the goal I was targettting for the marathon was would be less difficult to achieve than what I am setting my sights on for this half!  Anyways, my only real goal is to enjoy myself down there with my many friends, watch my sister kick butt, stay healthy and uninjured, and get to actually have a wonderful offseason of running to look forward to!  This will include CTC's costume run, running trails with all my pals signing up for R4R, the SERC holiday runs, and many many more!

This weekend I am looking forward to my last "long" run with my sister and carving some pumpkins with her 4yr ole twin cutie pies!

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Laura Wheatley said...

smart move sticking with the half... get in some QUALITY fast running versus some painful long miles that will get you injured!!