Friday, October 08, 2010

Getting back into the swing of things

So 3 weeks post ironman, I am finally getting back to the swing of things.  My workout schedule has had to  chang as works hours have changed a bit.  No more long lunch workouts but I get to start at 9AM instead of 8AM.  This has been a bit of an adjustment as I now need to make sure I am up early or likely I will not get in a workout as it seems evenings get tough.

After the lackluster weekend of working out, Monday I set out to do the run I meant to do over the weekend.  I was downtown Cleveland by 6:10 AM and started our heading down marginal after being slightly on edge with a homeless person that approach me in the dark parking lot as I was getting ready.  It was a cool start but I was clipping along in the dark against the cool wind.  Every shadow or random cat that crossed my path seemed to make me jump...I was missing my morning running partner.  Two just feels safer than one!  And I was waiting for the sun to finally come up as light just makes me feel more comfortable.  Once you run out past E55 and are out on the bike and hike path, I really enjoy the section running right next to the lake.  I made my first turn at 5.5 miles out and started to pick up the pace.  I was feeling comfortable and taking the pace below 7:30 but I started counting the time down until I knew I would hit Burke Lake Front Airport, my oasis in the desert, or rather my warm, clean bathroom right where I really need it!  After a pitstop I made my way past the Rock Hall, Science Center, Browns Stadium, headed up to the city before heading back down into the flats to pickup my last 2 miles.  Felt good with decent pacing, biggest annoyance is the right hip flexor which is still angry at me going on 2 weeks now.

Tuesday-day off or just call me a slacker.

Wednesday -hit 6AM Performance Cycle, super awesome class geared towards real cyclists at Lifetime Fitness Beachwood.  Tom, is a local racer and knows his stuff.  Love the computers on the bikes supplemented by my HRM.  The experience here is high end with nice sound system, great spin room and enjoy watching the tour or other races as we run through class.

After Cycling, hopped in the pool for 1200 before taking 5 minutes of hottub time for myself where I let the jets massage my calves and stretched out.  Oh what a fabulous way to start the day!

Thursday, I met up with CV for the downtown running...YA, so much better than alone!  We did a version of our normal OH City loop and did 10 short hill repeats on University Hill.  I found these much to my liking.  They were short enough not to kill ya but should still build strength.  Our final one was all the way to the top and the HR was in the sky...go figure!  After we made our way back to Rezults Fitness downtown I got in some stretching and then went on to a core/upper body workout.

Friday, repeat of Wednesday.  6AM Performance Cycle with KM.  I have known KM for awhile and I can't believe it took me so long to get to his class as it was really good stuff.  Added bonus was my friend CS was taking it too!  Wow, do I really work hard in this 1 hour period...can we say, sweaty mess???!!!  Then popped in the pool for a short 1000 before 5 more minutes hottub time.  Headed out to work feeling fab again.

Thoughts on the week-
-The opportunity to have some flexibility to choose some different workouts right now really is helping to keep it fresh and fun before I start hitting my very focused trainer workouts.  Love it!
-I forgot my dress shoes wed and my bra today...OMG I need spare stuff at work
-Morning wakeup is sheer torture and I want to cry at 4:55, but after prying myself up and getting in the workout, by 8:30 AM, I could not be happier!



Matty O said...

You really like running downtown huh? I assume its because its near work for you. I hated running downtown when I went to college. The scenery is not for me. Plus I agree, I get spooked easy (I am a bigger guy too haha) by shadows and randoms on the street.

Glad you are getting in a groove right away. Your scheduling has to be crazy with no more hours and hours of training!

Keep the legs healthy!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

"I forgot my dress shoes wed and my bra today...OMG I need spare stuff at work"

LOL, I done that before, well, forgetting clothes.

Now I keep 2 backup bags in my trunk, one is a back up clothing bag for the gym and one is a back up work clothes. Of course, since I put those bags in my trunk, I havent needed to use them, but you know what will happen once I remove one of them