Friday, October 15, 2010

Columbus Half Marathon or Bust!

Today, I was wasting a bunch of time trying to figure out my half marathon PR going back through old blogs.  Then in dawned on me to check athlinks.  Wow, that was so much easier!

So of course, I, who over-analyzes everything, has thought out this half marathon target since I am not doing the full.

As usual, now my thoughts drift to a PR.  But what is my half PR?  Apparently I have not ran that many half marys near where I think I am capable of doing.  Athlinks says I have ran 15, fastest being Nashville this spring with a 1:37:41, slowest being 1:57:03.  (I wish I had a 1:25:06 at the Youngstown half but clearly that result is an error!)

All of this which brings me back to my Columbus goal.  FIRST AND FOREMOST, run healthy and stay healthy!  GOAL 2, PR which means sub 1:37:41.  GOAL 3, stick with JV and CV and hit a huge PR if I can!  Time to see if I can HTFU!!!!


E-Speed said...

I think you can do it!

KimZepp said...

I'm reading this blog AFTER seeing your results today. Looks like you did it - and then some!!!! Way to go Janet!