Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Moaning

Another gloomy Ohio Monday and back for a busy, albeit short work week!

This weekend was our annual Halloween Bash, which as usual was too much fun!

There is one last Halloween event which will be this Wednesday's CTC Halloween Costume Run which I am quite excited for!  Weather looks fabulous and HULK HOGAN will even be making an appearance ;-)

Besides the lazy day Sunday spent laying on the couch, cleaning house and taking down Halloween decorations, I had a pretty solid week of getting back to it. 

Monday-off (day after race plus I needed sleep)
Tuesday- ran with CV, 6.5 miles followed by 45 min stretch/ strength
Wednesday-2000 meter swim, ran 6 with ET
Thursday- 8 mile run, 10 min core
Friday-60 min spin class
Saturday- 13.8 miles with sis, ET and Amish Country Fun Run

Last Week Totals (10/18-10/24)
R: 34.3 M
B: 60 min
S: 2000 m

Monday, 10/25 - 60 min performance cycle with KM, 1700 M Swam

Saturday's Run was especially nice and very needed so I could earn my fun night and MARY YODERS.  Mary Yoders is home-cooking at its finest.  I am talking homemade bread, pies, gravy, potatoes and this Amish Peanut Butter Spread which is to die for!  That morning, sis and I met early to get in a little over 5 miles before meeting up with ET & GG to roundevou with the hard core group coming down for a 23 mile run from Painesville.  Hard core!  I finished with 13.8 on the day and was proud of sis for enduring the hillier than normal route!  Then we all sat around and shot the breeze over a good breakfast!  Good times!  I just love these random group runs!

This week we are leaving to head south again to stay with my husbands family in Alabama so he can take a class.  I think I will have Friday, Saturday and Sunday pretty much to myself so without much else to do, I guess will try to get in some good quality mileage.  I even hear the water should be warm enough to swim in.  I am pretty excited about mountain biking on Monday at Raccoon Mountain  with Joey's cousin as we have never rode with him but apparently he has gotten quite into it and is even planning to come up and do the Mohican 100K MTB with us next June!

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chris mcpeake said...

got to love those halloween runs. Good luck