Monday, October 27, 2008

Mad Monday Update 10/27

Last week closed the second week since the Towpath Marathon that I was allowing myself to do whatever I felt like and it could not have come at a better time as I have been swamped. However, this week it will be time to move forward and start increasing the workouts again and I started things off right with a 6AM Spin class!

Monday-Ran 3.75 Miles to mother in laws
Thursday- Ran 6 Miles
Friday-Ran 6 Miles, Abs
Saturday-Ran 12 Miles with TR on hilly chagrin falls/ s chagrin course
Sunday- off

Ran 27.75 Miles

Sort of felt like a giant slacker having 3 off days but the plan was to do whatever I felt like for 2 weeks and I ended up putting most of my time and energy into a lot of painting and getting the house ready to Saturday's Halloween Party which led to Sunday's off day!

On the subject of Halloween fectivites, here are a couple pics!


TrainingtoTri said...

hahah, you make sexy white trash.

duchossois said...

Great photos, looks like a great party. You got the total white trash look goin' on. Now I really feel like a dumbass for missing it.

Brian said...

very funny pics

Jodi said...

How fun! Awesome pics!


triguyjt said...


had to have been a great party

Brett S. said...

So what were you dressed up as?

I had a bad ass Firebird and a mullet back in the day. Wow did I just say that out loud.

Sensationally Red said...

You make white trash look "classy".