Monday, October 13, 2008


Towpath marathon runners were treated to a picture perfect running morning yesterday. It was nice and cool for the start and the leaves made for an incredibly gorgeous marathon course.

After a long year of disappointing race results, I am excited to report that yesterday went according to plan. The plan was to run just under BQ pace with a little cushion (in case of a bathroom stop) and run even and have fun.

Official Garmin Splits

1 8:18
2 8:15
3 8:19
4 8:23
5 8:11
6 8:13
7 8:14
8 8:11
9 8:12
10 8:12
11 8:13
12 8:12
13 8:07
14 8:13
15 8:12
16 8:13
17 8:14
18 8:17
19 8:21
20 8:21
21 8:19
22 8:15
23 8:12
24 8:15
25 8:30
26 8:09
.39 3:01

Miles- 26.39
Time- 3:37:43
Avg Pace-8:14

Other tidbits of note-
-Felt good the whole race and felt I could even push harder if need be
-My feet were the best they have ever been during a marathon thanks to the forgiving surface
-While I missed having my girl, BS at my side(who has been dealing with a sickness), I was fortunate enough to have my girl, Amie at my side. We cheered and bantered most the entire way!
-The bonus on the day was another one of my Akron mary teammates, MB, and her posse of positive energy along for the last several miles and watching her run an awesome race and BQ when she did not expect it. CONGRATS!
-Love the home court advantage of this course! There is something about running on your home turf and seeing all your local pals on the course, cheering and volunteering
-Volunteers were just fantastic and I just cannot thank each of them enough!
-I am huge advocate of the Crank Gels (had 3 during the race and just water). Good energy boost, enjoy all the flavors, and no stomach issues
-Not even one bathroom stop! It's a miracle!
-After the 5 minute funk following hitting the finish line, I have felt really good. Just one cracked toenail and small blister. Monday's soreness is minimal and will go for a recovery run.

PS-Worked the Towpath Mary expo and sat next to Tanya, who heads up the Winter Buckeye 50K. I had to sign up and now it is official! People were signing up left and right and I bet it is closed within the next week or two. If you are thinking about it, sign up now. If you are not thinking about it, you should be!!!


The Salty One said...

Those are some BEAUTIFUL even splits! Wow! Congrats!!! Both of your BQ's are well deserved!

Brian said...

Nice job out there. Again, see what happens when you stop running with me? ha.

What's next on the list for the year?

Brian said...

Congratulations! I've never seen such consistent splits. Enjoy your recovery!

Brett S. said...

Great seeing you Sun. Its a good thing you only drank the water. You wouldn't want to know what that other stuff was.
You looked great and happy at mile 8 :)

TrainingtoTri said...

Nice job Janet! You couldn't of asked for better weather, what a gorgeous day. Way to stay consistent and congrats on no bathroom stops! I hope to accomplish that someday :)

Lloyd said...

Whoa! Those are incredibly even splits. Congrats on your race.

E-Speed said...

Congratulations girl! So glad you have been able to turn this year around!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Nice job. Glad you felt good and am impressed with those even splits. You must have really gotten into a groove. T

Mike said...

Nice job on the marathon time! Great way to finish the season!!!

JenC said...

I don't think you could have run a more consistent race. Great job!

Charlie said...

Good job.

Jodi said...

Holy crap- you are CONSISTENT! Great job at the race!



TriSaraTops said...

YAY! So excited for you! Could those splits BE any more even?!?! Fantabulous job--enjoy Beantown again!

duchossois said...

Great Race! The conditions were right, but it was all up to you to take advantage, and you did. Congratulations on a fantastic race.

ramblings of a runnner said...

congratulations - i am so glad that everything worked out just right - here's to your perfect day!!

DrT said...

Amazingly even splits! I ran with you part of the last 1/2 mile and finished ahead by a few seconds.

Joann said...

Wow, nice even splits! Great job!!

solarsquirrel said...

Janet you and I made a great running team! I'm so impressed with your athleticism. You make it seem so easy! Thanks for helping me get my first BQ!