Monday, November 03, 2008

Mad Monday Update 11/3

Just going with the flow at this point. I jumed into a half marathon training plan as I am contemplating signing up for the Fall Classic in November. I am still undecided on the half or if I will just stick to my animal races the rest of the year (Pigskin, Turkey and Reindeer).

Monday 10/27
6AM Spin class (50 minutes), Abs (10 Minutes)
1PM 4 miles treadmill easy, upper body workout

Tuesday 10/28
1 PM -5.5 miles on treadmill (track workout with 10X400's at 6:00 pace, 1% incline)
-abs, streched

Wednesday 10/29
1 PM - 3 miles easy, lower body workout, 3 sets of lunges (8 lb dumbbells), 2 sets of squats, 1 set lateral squats (squats with 15 lb dumbells) OMIGOODNESS IT HAS BEEN FOREVER AND I WAS ACHING BY THE TIME I HIT THE SHOWER!
5 PM - 3 hours at Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park---so much fun, lots of breaks talking and watching others but probably got in about 10 miles or 1.5 hours of riding

Thursday (SORE!) 10/30
1 PM - 7 miles at 8 min mile pace with E (this felt waaay harder than it should have felt)

Friday (Still Sore) 10/31
1 PM -2 miles easy on treadmill, stretched with band
6 PM - 10 miles mtn biked at West Branch--great night for a ride!

Saturday (Still Sore) 11/1
15 miles ran with CV and E ~ 8:20ish pace

Sunday 11/2
9 AM CTC Du -3 miles ran, 15.5 miles biked, 3 miles ran (definitely not fresh for this)
3 PM - 7 miles mtn biked (skipped the last 3 miles as hubby and I were exhausted and hungry!)

Ran - 42.5 Miles
Road / Spin Bike - 30.5
Mtn Bike-27
Core-1 LBWO, 1 UBWO, stretching, abs-2

On the gossip front, I was looking forward to today to listen to Howard Stern talk about his wife Beth and the marathon. I have really enjoyed listening to him talking about her training and I think the mainstream marathon media exposure is pretty cool! Congrats Beth on a very respectable 4 hour 15 minute finish!

Also ever since Van Wilder Party Liason, I have been a huge Ryan Reynolds fan! Watching him in Blade Trinity, Just Friends, Waiting and Definitely Maybe was good stuff! Funny and good looking! He also ran NYC marathon in 3 hours 50 minutes--dang, to think I could have ran that marathon with such a nice view and did not take advantage! Talk about some poor marathoon planning on my part!

What female would not run well with that eye candy???! :-)


Brian said...

I think i would have done the 4 hour 15 minutes with beth o. Not really my type, but still easy on the eyes. and ryan reynolds? come on. he's probably gay

duchossois said...

Yeah, I've been listening to Howard (the replays in the evening) and I was looking forward to seeing how well Beth would do. 4:15 is respectable for her first. Now, Ryan Reynolds only managing a 3:50 is kind of embarrassing. I don't think he's gay, just slow. ;-)

triguyjt said...

I won't be happy until Howard does a marathon...

Beth and mr. eye candy are one thing.....

the king of all media must run to prove he is a man

Brian said...

Howard's too busy playing chess... but Robin may eventually run NYC. Hopefully in 2010, which is when I hope to be there.

TriShannon said...

Would he have been running shirt on or off? :-)

TrainingtoTri said...

I think I would have ran much faster chasing after Ryan Reynolds! And I too was happy to hear Howard talking about Beth O, I was so happy for all the money she raised for animal rescue. Boy he talked about how bad his pictures were and I hadn't seen any, he was right!

I like the fall classic, it's a small race and out and back and out and back. I ran a PR there when I did it. It's nice and flat. But get there early or you have to park really far away. I am contemplating doing it as well and walking part of it as the last half made my belly a little sore.