Monday, October 06, 2008

Mad Monday Update 10/6

Race week is here....

The prior weekend was the Akron mary relay and West Branch race. Last week between the rain, the cool temps and the darkness, I just felt in a funk.

Mon 9/29 - 6 mile easy run with E
Tues 9/30 - 2.5 mile run on treadmill (got so bored and was not feeling it so decided to wait until next day)
Wed 10/1 - 3 mile run on treadmill (was attempting to do my 1000's, but fell short of goals...honestly anytime I run on my treadmill at home I never am where I need to be.)
Thurs 10/2-6 mile run as part of CTC Fun run. Only thing is since it was just one other huy and me, made it a nice tempo run through the hills of Solon/ Bedford
Fri 10/3-off..busy
Sat 10/4-13.5 mile run on towpath (ran with LT group which worked out fantastic!), 4 mile walk mapping du course, 10 miles mtn biked at west branch
Sun 10/5-headed up CTC duathlon and then ran 4.5 mile with JC

Ran 35.5
Mtn Biked-10

Saturday night for some odd reason I could not sleep and have been feeling a little off and real congested in the evenings. Planning to rest up quite a bit this week and then run my little tail off on Sunday!!!


duchossois said...

Good plan. Get some rest, let your body recover from whatever is causing the congestion, then run that Towpath hard! Good Luck!

triguyjt said...

hope you get over the congested feeling.....

have a great week daisy

T or Q said...

Good luck with Towpath. Can't wait to see how you do! I'm exactly the same on the treadmill. Everything I read says it's supposed to be easier. It makes me lose my will to move :)